The Senate opposes the possibility of changing borrower insurance at any time

Lhe Senate with a right-wing majority adopted Wednesday evening in first reading a reform of borrower insurance cut from its flagship measure, the possibility of changing it at any time, but expanded with new provisions on the health component. With these important changes, the bill “for fairer, simpler and more transparent access to the borrower … Read more

increase in the number of cases of PIMS, an anti-inflammatory syndrome that affects children

In a document published Thursday, the Public Health Agency France is alarmed by a “very marked increase” in cases of pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome since the beginning of the year, a set of cardiac disorders which often reflect the rare severe forms of Covid-19 in children. PIMS is spreading among young children. Public Health France … Read more

Is Google’s “phenomenal” tax race about to end?

A phenomenal financial year for Alphabet Inc. is about to end, and there are fears that the future may not be so rosy. Google’s parent company should expect “difficult waters to cross in 2022” after reporting a strong fourth quarter on Tuesday, AB Bernstein analyst Mark Shmulik warned in a January 27 note that cut … Read more

Job offer: 7 positions to be filled within an insurance company and an insurance benefit company

The Issa SAMA Law Firm is seeking on behalf of an insurance company and an insurance services company candidates for recruitment to the following positions: 1 DESCRIPTION OF THE PROFILES 1.1. A HEAD OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE, FINANCIAL AND ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT 1.1.1 Tasks Supervise, organize and coordinate administrative, accounting and financial services; Guarantee the reliability of … Read more

Five infographics to understand the business of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has also disrupted the global economy and allowed certain players in the health sector to do well, not without risks and uncertainties. For two years, the Covid-19 has boosted the health economy and allowed certain companies to generate profits, of which it is still unclear whether they will be maintained over time. … Read more

Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Plans To Make Texas ‘Bitcoin Citadel’ As Cryptocurrency Sees Negative Currency

Conservative Republican candidate for governor of Texas, Don Huffines, released his plan on January 21 to make Texas the top US state for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. “I have owned Bitcoin for years and strongly believe in both its value as an asset and its potential as a currency. As an innovation leader, Texas must … Read more