“everyone’s health is in danger” – Liberation

Since 2018, pesticides have been dropped from the air to poison the Amazonian vegetation and thus deforest more easily. Discreet and illegal, this highly toxic method portends disastrous consequences for humans and the environment. Deforestation, against which the European Union prides itself on fighting, continues to wreak havoc on a large scale, with methods to … Read more

Paris aims for an agreement of the 27 by June

The text proposed by Brussels to prohibit the import into the EU of certain products, such as soya, when they contribute to deforestation could be extended by the Twenty-Seven to other raw materials and other threatened ecosystems , France said on Friday, aiming for an agreement between the states by June. Read alsoMassive deforestation in … Read more

these natural environments that we neglect

“To save the climate and biodiversity, it is urgent to go beyond forests”, warns the World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF. Much less protected than forest environments, savannahs, peat bogs, grasslands or even mangroves are under pressure from agricultural and forestry expansion on a global scale. The risk: the eventual massive degradation of these important … Read more

Deforestation: Brazilian beef banned by European supermarkets

Several retail groups, including Auchan and Carrefour, have pledged to withdraw certain beef products suspected of being linked to deforestation in the Amazon, even if Brazilian manufacturers ensure that they preserve the environment. This announcement was made Thursday by the NGO mighty earth, after the publication of a investigation by the collective of journalists Reporter … Read more

Thousands evacuated after floods blamed on deforestation

Heavy flooding on the island of Sumatra prompted the evacuation of some 24,000 Indonesians and the death of two children, authorities said on Tuesday (January 4th), as environmental activists point to the effect of deforestation . Torrential rains have poured over the north of the Indonesian island since December 31, causing rivers to overflow and … Read more

Brazilian beef banned in European supermarkets – Liberation

Several brands are in the process of removing products made from Brazilian beef, which has contributed to deforestation in the Amazon. And this following the investigation of the collective of journalists Repórter Brasil. Finally an investigation whose effects are immediate. Accused of selling beef linked to deforestation in the Amazon, several retail groups, including Auchan … Read more

companies and finance are doing too little to fight against deforestation – Release

Big global corporations and financial institutions are not doing enough or not doing enough to tackle deforestation linked to the production and consumption of palm oil, soybeans, beef, leather, wood and paper , denounces a British NGO this Thursday. In November, at the COP26 on climate in Glasgow, Scotland, governments, businesses and financial institutions pledged, … Read more