Bitcoin and Ether rule some ground

Major crypto-assets such as Bitcoin and Ether started to regain some ground after last week. Although still below all-time highs, crypto-assets appear to be entering some sort of recovery phase. Bitcoin therefore peaked last week at just below $24,000 on the eToro platform, a level not seen since early June. However, Bitcoin has started to … Read more

Bitcoin is expected to end the year at $25,473

• Bitcoin (BTC) will bottom out at $13,676 before ending the year at $25,473. • 77% of panelists say the market has now entered a “crypto winter”. • Only 29% think this bear market will end in 2022. • According to scammers, BTC is worth $106,757 in 2025 and $314,314 in 2030. Bitcoin (BTC) may … Read more

Impact of quantum computing on bitcoin and cryptos

What would be the impact of quantum computing on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies? Quantum computing is a breakthrough technology that brings tremendous computing power to existing systems in many fields, opening new avenues to create technologies that will change the world with their speed and capacity. Its innovative use in the financial services industry is of … Read more

Responsible Ways to Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin has sparked a revolution in investing, with plenty of earning opportunities for institutional and retail investors. Unlike traditional assets, bitcoin is a virtual investment that is more resistant to inflationary risks. It therefore offers investors a better way to diversify and protect their wealth against inflation. Even though bitcoin adoption is increasing worldwide, cryptocurrency … Read more

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers are again demanding his release, decision mid-January

Previous requests for release had been rejected by the courts. The prosecutor had said that he believed that “serious and consistent clues” made it possible to conclude that the husband was involved in the disappearance of the Tarn nurse. Against all odds, he continues to cry out his innocence. Cédric Jubillar, suspected of having killed … Read more

Bitcoin price still remains three times higher than it was before the pandemic

“For several months, unrest has been growing on the financial markets. The causes of this situation are multiple. Russian military intervention in Ukraine came on the heels of the pandemic, leading to rising inflation and the threat of a recession. Cryptocurrencies have not escaped this crisis. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that the … Read more

iPaidThat launches its Bitcoin savings plan in partnership with StackinSat

Cash management is a major challenge for any business, especially when seeking financial returns. The Covid19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine are opening up a period of instability for businesses. Moreover, at a time of inflationary pressures, rates of return are all the more crucial for companies. With traditional investment solutions currently offering returns … Read more

France, 31st most “business friendly” country in the world

INFOGRAPHIC – France makes a link of seven places in the 2015 edition of Doing Business, the ranking published by the World Bank of the most welcoming countries for businesses. It thus regains its level reached in 2007. And if François Hollande, despite his 14% popularity rating in public opinion, ended up winning his case … Read more

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers are again calling for his release

The judges have not finished questioning Cédric Jubillar: the husband of the disappeared must wait until December 3 before a possible release. A deadline “inadmissible” for his lawyers, who file this Monday, October 18 a request for release. They denounce the incarceration of a man “on the basis of derisory elements“. Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers file … Read more

Jonathann’s lawyer and Alexia’s family each publish a book on the drama

One is intended as a tribute to the victim while the other is a reflection on the personality of the killer and “the need to defend a man like Jonathann in a gendered society”. Alexia, our daughter and I wanted her to shut up. Two books, two approaches. One is Alexia Daval’s parents, Isabelle and … Read more