Nicolas Sarkozy, not so good in business…

This article is from Capital magazine On November 2, Nicolas Sarkozy was the star guest of the Chinese Business Club, in the large red lounge of the Intercontinental hotel in Paris. Alas, the reconfinement postponed the meeting to March 9, 2021. “It’s a shame, because he absolutely wanted to come, specifies Harold Parisot, the organizer … Read more

Where does the “brain fog” come from in some patients with long Covid?

Lack of concentration, the feeling of being “out west”, these are some of the symptoms that some people develop after Covid-19. A set of cognitive disorders referred to as cognitive fog that scientists are only just beginning to study. You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Long Covid: when symptoms last for months Many people … Read more

Google Chrome: How to switch tabs easily with this gesture

Attention Chrome fans! I found in the mobile version of Google’s browser, a very useful feature. Indeed, it is possible to switch from one tab to another very quickly with a simple gesture. Discover in this tutorial, how to use this feature. Chrome allows you to switch tabs by swiping the address bar. This feature … Read more

100% of schools in Lyon exceed pollution limits, study reveals

We are suffocating at school. The study that the Respired association unveils exclusively to 20 minutes, this Tuesday, is alarming. From 2015 to 2019, its scientists studied pollution levels near schools in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes​, comparing them to the new WHO recommendations of September 2021. An online map allows you to click on the establishment of … Read more

are you making the same mistake as some parents?

Slipping a swab into the nostril of a struggling child is now routine for tens of thousands of parents whose children attend kindergarten and primary school. The health protocol that applies in schools – at the time of publishing these lines – indeed implies that as soon as a pupil is tested positive in a … Read more