Zero Waste France files a complaint against Adidas and New Balance

Noa Moussa with AFP, edited by Solène Leroux

The environmental defense association Zero Waste France accuses Adidas and New Balance of “misleading commercial practices”, accusing the two groups of only making “facade commitments” on their environmental practices. The association accuses them of communicating “shamelessly and excessively on” environmental commitments.

The Zero Waste France association criticizes equipment manufacturers for communicating “shamelessly and excessively on” environmental commitments when in practice, they “almost do not change anything in their production model”. The complaint that the association will file for “misleading commercial practices” is part of the campaign induced by Zero Waste France aimed at alerting to the environmental impact of fast fashion, or fast modewhich would be responsible each year for 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

This represents as much as international air transport and maritime traffic combined, according to Ademe, the Agency for Ecological Transition.

What they are accused of

Alice Elfassi, legal manager of Zéro Waste France, explains that the companies Adidas and New Balance “highlight the fact that their products will be able to save the planet or even fight against plastic waste”. “New Balance on its side has even created a standard green leaf therefore “green leaf” which makes one think of a natural or organic label when it is the brand that invented it itself”, she adds to the microphone of Europe 1.

“Yes, there may be more recycled materials than before and it’s less bad than before for the environment, but that’s not why buying this basket will reduce your footprint. carbon or representing a solution against plastic waste”, she insists. “It is these kinds of formulas that constitute deceptive practices and mislead consumers by making this overproduction and overconsumption less guilty.”

Contacted by Europe 1, Adidas claims not to have received the complaint and that, when it does, they will defend themselves against these alleged.

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