you will be able to better listen to your meetings with one ear while working

Google Chrome will support the Picture-in-Picture feature of Google Meet so you can follow a meeting while having your documents open on your screen.

Doing several things at the same time is obviously possible with Meet // Source: Google

Neck and neck with Zoom and Microsoft Teams in the war of video conferencing tools, Google Meet is stepping up its efforts to be essential. Earlier this month, the service added the ability to pin multiple video streams (participants and presentations). This was particularly useful for people who needed to use sign language translation on a stream while watching a presentation of documents made by another speaker.

This time it’s the Chrome browser that will take advantage of the latest advances in the home video meeting tool. The web version of Google Meet is enriched with the Picture-in-Picture function (picture in picture) so that you can continue to follow your videoconference while managing documents on your computer, without having to minimize the windows to see everything.

Up to four visible interlocutors

Of course, you won’t be able to see all participants in the small PinP window. Only four of them could be displayed simultaneously, without knowing how the choice is made, undoubtedly the last four to have spoken (pin the favorites in advance). This keeps the meeting open and active while you view other windows. Ideal for keeping an eye on useful information in your meeting… or keeping an ear out for what’s being said while doing other things.

gif google meets pip
The PinP function arrives on Google Meet // Source: Google

To activate the PinP mode, simply press the menu made up of the three small vertical dots, then click on the dedicated function. The window will then switch to small format to leave the screen free for other activities.

The rollout began on Thursday and will continue for the next few days for all users (Workspace, G Suite, or personal account).

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