You can now search for points of interest on its map, like on Google Maps

The social network has just developed a new feature to search and filter content on a map.

You’ve probably used Instagram to research a location to get a taste of what it looks like before you go there. You can now places and filter them, directly on a map, as you do on Google Maps.

This new feature, unveiled by Mark Zuckerberg in a recent story, offers the possibility of having a quick overview of the different points of interest present in a defined area.


By searching for the name of a city, for example, you can display on the map all the content that has been published by other users in a specific area. This new map, which is reminiscent of that of Snapchat, also competes directly with Google Maps.


Because by using it, Instagram allows you to filter the results displayed on the map. You can choose to display only restaurants, cafes, viewpoints, hotels, parks and gardens, and much more. Instagram may have found a great way to turn its app into a tourist guide here. For example, by searching for the name of a city, you can access Guides published by other users who record several publications related to the place you are looking for.

If you are an avid Instagram user, you no longer use the application only to immortalize your visit to a place, but also to have an overview of the existing activities. Indeed, after having searched for a place or a city, it is possible to initiate other searches, in particular by using hashtags. Finally, note that the content that you publish on the platform and that you choose to locate will only appear in the Instagram map if you have a public profile on the social network.

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