Yi He – Who is this low-key billionaire co-founder of Binance?

Binance co-founder Yi He is currently CMO of Binance. She thinks that due to their shared culture, experience and abilities, CZ is the best partner she can have.

Former TV presenter Yi He entered the cryptocurrency market at an early age. She co-founded the OkCoin cryptocurrency exchange in 2014, just five years after the launch of the Bitcoin.

“No one can succeed alone,” says Yi He, billionaire co-founder of CZ @Binance. One of Yi’s earliest contributions was creating the Chinese name for #Binance, where “币” stands for #crypto and “安” stands for security. See more https://t.co/xwNeBdHxZP #BSCGems #WomenInCrypto https://t.co/0QZpMTbfGL

Some of the first cryptocurrency investors she knew pushed her to use her media connections to raise awareness of this emerging technology. She was convinced that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology could revolutionize the global financial system.

According to Yi, leaving the security of her media job to venture into the uncharted territory of digital assets was an easy choice for her.

Shortly after starting to work with OkCoin, she attended a conference where she met CZ for the first time. She remembers seeing him give a presentation on blockchain technology.

CZ was the first person for her to translate complex technology into words understandable to the general public. When she was in charge of OkCoin’s branding department, she quickly brought in CZ to insert the exchange. But after only a few months of collaboration, both had left the startup.

Soon after, CZ returned the favor by asking Yi He to launch Binance in mid-2017. They profited greatly from the cryptocurrency boom in late 2017. Binance has seen a dramatic surge. The company has grown into an industry giant with 5,000 employees and 90 million registered users in just five years.

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