World: Barrick Gold Corporation announces the sale of 5,382,587 shares of Perpetua Resources Corp

Mining company Barrick Gold Corporation (“Barrick”) (NYSE: GOLD)(TSX: ABX) announced on June 15, 2022, the sale of 5,382,587 common shares (“Shares”) of Perpetua Resources Corp. (“Perpetua Resources”) through Nasdaq, Cboe, Direct Edge and NYSE-ARCA (the “Provision”).

According to the source, the disposition generated gross cash proceeds of an aggregate amount of C$21,729,504 (C$4.04 per common share).

It should be noted that immediately prior to the disposition, Barrick beneficially owned, or controlled and directed, 5,382,587 shares, representing approximately 8.5% of the issued and outstanding shares.

Following the disposition, Barrick no longer beneficially owns, controls or directs the Shares. Barrick made the disposition for investment portfolio management purposes.

Depending on market conditions and other factors, including the business and financial condition of Perpetua Resources, Barrick may in the future acquire securities of Perpetua Resources or dispose of some or all of the securities of Perpetua Resources that it may hold. at such a moment.

Olivier KAFORO


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