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Thanks to professional school curricula, the Sports Management School ensures that all the keys to success are passed on to students who are destined for careers in sports business. The good news ? The industry is buoyant and the resulting new jobs are numerous. This market is lucrative and if you like sports, it may be time to look into the career possibilities that could be right for you. We explain to you.

The sports industry, a buoyant environment

There was a time when it was thought that higher education dedicated to sport focused on training as educators or physiotherapists. That was before discovering the countless possibilities for promising careers in the world of athletes: agency, sponsor, brand, association or even the public domain… There are countless successful companies that recruit business profiles specializing in sport to join their ranks. And for the Sports Management School, the priority is to transform the passion of its students into a profession. Attractive for sports addicts!

What’s more, this industry can boast of being a carrier, since it is in constant development. In 2020, the Research department of the BPCE banking group, a partner of French sport, published a report on its economic weight. The sports community was then valued at approximately 91 billion euros, or 448,000 jobs, without even counting the investment of communities, sponsors or the amount of TV rights. The possibilities for students to find a job are varied and digital technology only multiplies them. From the equipment manufacturer to the distributor, from the federations to the advertiser, the buyer or even the sports media… There are countless variations of professional universes that result from this activity.

The Sports Management School, listening to its students

If the Sports Management School has new graduates in the sports industry every year, it is also because it offers quality training. Thanks to a high-performance teaching staff and a well-stocked network of alumni, students are ideally supported in monitoring their studies and guided towards the professional sector that could be theirs. “What I liked most about this school was the quality of the speakers and trainers. You have to rely on their experience, ask questions and get anecdotes, that’s how you learn! », explains Valentin, business developer at the Real Madrid Clinics Foundation. The SMS school offering professional courses, it is also an opportunity for students to taste the active life while applying the theory they learn there on a daily basis. All while increasing your chances of getting a job offer once you graduate! “In total, I spent three years on a work-study program at the Stade de France before obtaining my Bachelor’s degree. At the same time, I did a lot of volunteering and here I am in charge of Hospitality Operations at Accor Arena”, Camilla adds.

The Sports Management School therefore has many personalities from the sports industry among its former students and the school works to maintain the link with these alumni who now come to meet their new and future recruits on its campus. Maintaining the link, facilitating communication and working together for success: this is a challenge that SMS has promised to meet. For the love of sport, of course, but also for the success of its students, so that they live from their passion and make the sports industry their pride of tomorrow.

All the information on the Sports Management School and on the sports business professions can be found here.

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