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With Supernova, writing a business plan finally becomes accessible to everyone, without the need for financial knowledge.

with Supernova, writing a business plan finally becomes accessible to everyone

Writing a Business Plan is for many companies a test worthy of Koh-Lanta. A kind of obstacle course very dreaded because complex, time-consuming and often rewarded. However, it is impossible to escape it: this step is essential to create/take over a business, but also to borrow money, take a strategic turn, launch a new product… in all sectors of activity (catering, hairdressing, start-up …). Today, the stakes are all the greater as France has finally entered an entrepreneurial era: despite the crisis, the number of creations jumped by nearly 23% between 2018 and 2020. Last year, this 848,000 new companies have thus emerged (+4% compared to 2019) and which will need to rely on a solid economic model and business plan. It is indeed a question of showing that the project is commendable and sustainable. But what to do when you don’t have financial knowledge and you don’t even know where to start?

Until now, the capacities were very limited:

• Large accounting or consulting firms, etc.; : it is often difficult to appropriate the business plan produced by a third party and this service is (too) expensive;
• Free or paid solutions on the Internet (Excel® models or software simplifying accounting): these remain very difficult to use for neophytes because they require difficult notions of accounting.

Hence the innovation brought by Supernova. This web application guides the entrepreneur to the discovery of his economic model, and realizes his business plan, in an intuitive and operational way.
A concept that appeals: Supernova is already used by many entrepreneurs and is a partner of entrepreneurship support structures such as the BGE (40 branches in France and 150,000 BP/year) and the CMA Occitanie (13 branches).

“Supernova is a simple and intelligent application for validating your hypotheses in a few minutes. The business plan can then be produced and shared with your bank or partners in less than an hour.”
Nicolas CABANEL and Damien FERRACCI, the founders.

No longer submit to your business plan, even with zero financial knowledge

What if we changed our perspective on the business plan? Why just write it in case of request (to integrate a structure, ask for a loan from the bank, etc.). This approach is totally counter-productive: to get rid of the business plan stage as quickly as possible, entrepreneurs often try to force it into a “presentable” document. But in this case, the BP is emptied of its substance…
This is why Supernova has focused on advice and simplicity in order to make the business plan accessible to everyone. The entrepreneur will therefore be able to rely on the application to convince himself (this is the most important thing) and to convince his interlocutors.

“The business plan is the entrepreneur’s compass, it must help him define his priorities and his strategy… and not the other way around! »

How it works ?

Supernova, speaks operationally to the business manager, asking him simple questions to which he knows how to answer: “What do you sell?”, “What do you need?”…
She then pre-fills the fields for her according to her sector of activity. The Supernova algorithm also calculates sales targets and automatically produces all accounting entries (income statement, balance sheet, break-even point, etc.).
The writing of the report is also facilitated by proposals adapted to each sector of activity. It’s the end of the white page syndrome!

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