will your insurance increase?

As part of a new regulation on road safety and the protection of road users, the members of the European Union adopted a text in 2019 (EU 2019/2144). It provides that for each new homologation of a car, a utility vehicle, a truck or a bus, a black box had to be installed by the manufacturer at the time of its manufacture. This regulation becomes mandatory as of July 6. It only concerns new homologations, not cars that are already on the market.

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A box for security

The black box is an on-board device which has access to data from sensitive components such as braking, steering, accelerator, etc. The system will record the speed, the acceleration or braking phases, whether or not the seat belt, use of the turn signal, crash force, engine speed and vehicle inclination.

The data stored relates to the 30 seconds before an accident and 10 seconds after. The goal is to understand the circumstances of an accident; the data will be analyzed by research institutes.

Black boxes, for which vehicles?

The installation of boxes by the manufacturers will take place in two stages. From July 6 for new approvals; for example, the future 408 will be compulsorily equipped with it, car homologated after July 6.

For a vehicle already on sale, the Dacia Jogger for example, the installation of the black box will be compulsory on new vehicles from July 6, 2024. As regards second-hand cars and cars already in circulation, nothing is planned. ; no retrofitting.

This+n%e2%80%99is+that+in+the+case+of%e2%80%99an+accident+that+researchers+can+analyze+the+data+of+the+car .+In+the+case+of%e2%80%99accident+involving+legal+prosecutions%2c+a+judicial+police+officer+will+be+communicated+this+data%c3%a9es . +Picture+DR

This+n%e2%80%99is+that+in+the+case+of%e2%80%99an+accident+that+researchers+can+analyze+the+data+of+the+car .+In+the+case+of%e2%80%99accident+involving+legal+prosecutions%2c+a+judicial+police+officer+will+be+communicated+this+data%c3%a9es . +Picture+DR

And the insurers?

If the manufacturers are likely to pass on the price of this black box in their rates, the insurers are not obliged to play the game by lowering their rates. Which would increase between 0.5 and 1% in 2022. On the other hand, they will have no direct access to the data, only judicial police officers and research institutes will have access to it in the event of legal proceedings following an accident. .

This European black box has nothing to do with the devices installed at the request of insurers such as “Pay as you drive” which analyzes your driving in real time and reflects your good (or bad) results on your premium.

A form of accountability?

The impact that this black box should have on driving is obviously desired by some insurers who imagine the electronic chip as an additional cookie, of the type mounted on American cars since 2015.

Other new features will also be compulsorily installed in our cars this summer: intelligent regulator, an interface which allows the installation of an alcohol ignition interlock device, drowsiness alert systems, loss of attention, stop signals emergency stop, reverse detection and an accurate tire pressure monitoring system.

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