Will cryptocurrencies finally rebound? Analysis of the courses on the 21 Million program

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On the program this Tuesday, in “21 million, price analysis”:

1. Interview with Jean-Marie Mognetti, Co-Founder & CEO of Coinshares

Like Tuesday, we interview an expert in the sector on the evolution of the prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, affected by endogenous elements in the crypto ecosystem but also exogenous, such as each fear of investors linked to inflation, monetary reduction central banks or the risk of a decline. This Tuesday, Jean-Marie Mognetti, co-founder and CEO of Coinshares, a digital asset management giant, will deliver his analysis.

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2. Nicolas Gallant’s technical analysis

Financial journalist and expert in technical analysis at Capital, Nicolas Gallant will give you two technical analyses, one on ether, the other on bitcoin.

3. Focus of the week

Laurent Albie, manager of Next Momentum, offers you the decryption of the price of a new cryptocurrency, in order to assess its upside potential.

Your crypto coach

And if you haven’t read it yet, here is what last Friday’s newsletter contained, “21 Million, your crypto coach”:

1 – Focus on “crypto-influencers”

Last week’s dossier was dedicated to the “influencers” of the crypto universe, who have been swarming for several years on social networks, from Twitter to Instagram via YouTube or TikTok. And while some offer high-quality content and guide new and seasoned investors through this ever-changing ecosystem, others are less scrupulous.

2 – Investment advice of the week

Like every Friday, a crypto expert has given you his advice on how to best invest your money in digital assets and help you maximize your profits. Last week, Karl Toussaint du Wast, co-founder and CEO of NetInvestissement, recalled four basic rules for successful investment in cryptocurrencies.

3 – What to remember from the week

We have selected and retrieved the main events of the last seven days. Be at the forefront of crypto news by retaining the essentials.

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