Why was there a smell of smoke and burning on Tuesday in Île-de-France?

This is one of the consequences of the fires in Gironde and it is surprising to say the least. In Île-de-France and particularly in Paris, the inhabitants smelled a burning smell this Tuesday evening.

So concretely, this phenomenon can only be explained by the fires in Gironde, but by a multitude of factors: the heat, the pollution and therefore the rise of these fumes released by the fires. A wind from the Atlantic which pushed this air very charged with particles after seven days of fires, from the Gironde to Touraine and to Île-de-France.

Tuesday, there were also fires in the Paris region, especially in the Yvelines. A smaller fire of course than in the Southwest, but it was all these events combined that created this gray fog in the evening.

A pollution peak observed

These events created pollution, even before the arrival of these fumes, Île-de-France was already going through an episode of pollution since Monday, because of the heat wave. “We see in the Paris conurbation and throughout the Île-de-France a sharp rise in particle levels which can occasionally exceed 100 micrograms per cubic meter, which is at significant levels. By way of comparison, in the Ile-de-France conurbation, outside Paris, we are at levels – at this time – which are around 15 micrograms per cubic meter”explains Antoine Trouche, engineer at Airparif.

But the good news is that a priori, It should improve during the day, and especially on Thursday thanks to the wind and the clouds.

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