Why Christine Lagarde supports Bitcoin

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The more Christine Lagarde repudiates Bitcoin, the more she highlights the benefits of Bitcoin in the face of its monetary management.

So we’ll see Christine Lagarde’s three most hated bitcoin profits.

Apolitical and neutral management

Whether you are left or right, woman or man, young or old, French, Russian or Chinese, at war or at peace, Bitcoin is open to everyone without any restrictions.

Anyone can use bitcoin both as a simple user and as a block validator. The rules of bitcoin do not depend on a political agenda, the ideology of the moment or external events.

Nothing to do with Christine Lagarde who willingly accepts money from Russians in Europe to better confiscate them later.

Or, she will wait for her buddy candidate Macron to be re-elected before raising rates. In early March, Christine Lagarde felt hesitant to raise rates. It must be said that with 600 billion euros of debt in 5 five years and a Bruno Le Maire who shouts from the rooftops that this is not a problem, because the rates are low, you must not upset your friends before the election. But once the election is over, you can do a spectacular rise in interest rates.

Faced with the weather vane of the ECB, which at any time changes the rules and distributes good and bad points, Bitcoin looks like an immutable temple open to all.

The end of the billet board

The bitcoin rules are fixed and they have been chosen to protect your savings from inflation. Bitcoin is intended as one or digital. Thus its reserves are fixed at 21 million units and the more time passes the more the discovery new bitcoins tend to zero.

Here again, this contrasts with Christine Lagarde’s unstoppable money printing press. Since taking office on November 1, 2019, the ECB’s balance sheet has almost doubled. On the 4800 billion euros already poured into the economy before 2019, Christine Lagarde alone added 3700 billion. This culminates the balance sheet at 8,500 billion euros, or 80% of the EU’s GDP.

Humanity has used many currencies such as wheat, spices, salt, metals or even shells. But with state fiat currencies, this is the first time that citizens have accepted an infinitely printable currency from their sovereign.

This nonsense must stop.

Be your own bank with Bitcoin

As soon as you entrust your money to a bank, it ceases to be your money. If you are on the good side, the bank temporarily grants you the right to enjoy your money, on condition that you fill in more and more cerfas to prove its origin.

The problem is that the definition of good is set by the central bank, and I remind you that its rules are changing rapidly.

Some Canadians paid the price, since the Trudeau government had the accounts of participants in the Freedom Convoys frozen. Christine Lagarde froze Russian assets at the start of the war in Ukraine. Yet the ECB did not freeze US assets following the invasion of Iraq.

This willingness to take your money directly from your account is not a distant nightmare reserved for certain dictatorships. When Christine Lagarde ran the IMF, it evoked the idea of ​​taxing savings by 10% to repay debts (source, which you will note in passing the bad faith of franceinfo).

In France, the Sapin 2 law of 2016 is very clear: the High Council for Financial Stability is authorized to suspend, delay or limit cash withdrawals or arbitrations on life insurance.

Yes, the State can freeze life insurance at any time… In itself, it must not despoil anything, but if during the freezing of your assets, an inflation of 10% passes over it, it’s just like.

On the Bitcoin side, everything is mathematically sealed. You are the sole holder of your encryption key. No one can freeze or steal your bitcoins. In the immutable and open-to-all bitcoin temple, the vault is public and anyone can request their vault.

All of bitcoin’s advantages over the ECB fuel Christine Lagarde’s hatred of it. The paying power of Christine Lagarde on the euro is impossible with bitcoin.

Thank you Christine Lagarde for reminding us every day of your dangerousness and the good reasons for owning bitcoin.

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