who offers a very high-end “black” card?

Very high-end cards, such as Visa Infinite or Mastercard World Elite, have higher limits and more extensive insurance than a classic card, in addition to other interesting advantages. Attractive, they are however not accessible to all budgets. Overview of the offers offered by online banks, which cut the prices of these premium cards.

Traditional banks remain today the leader in the marketing of very high-end cards. Indeed, few online banks offer this type of card, sometimes considered too expensive or not very accessible, which contradicts the values ​​and the objective of online banking establishments. Two main online banks offer them, and at very competitive rates.

A World Elite Mastercard available at Fortuneo

Fortuneo, a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, is the only online bank to offer the Mastercard Word Elite card. It is also one of the only banks to market it in a non-restrictive way: it is in fact freeprovided you make a monthly transfer of at least 4,000 euros on the account (50 euros of costs are invoiced in the event of non-compliance with this condition). It is available in immediate or deferred debitsubject to proof of at least 4,000 euros in monthly income (5,500 euros for a joint account with two cards).

The World Elite card gives access to many advantages. First of all, with regard to transactions carried out abroad: Fortuneo does not invoice no fees on payments and withdrawals made anywhere in the world. The ceilings are high, and can be adjusted as needed: up to 3,000 euros in payment and 1,600 euros in withdrawals per week. The card is also compatible with contactless payment and mobile payment, and allows you to benefit from cashback on purchases made abroad from partner merchants of the Mastercard Travel Rewards program.

The advantage of this very high-end card is the existence of privileged services : a concierge service, inspired by luxury hotels, and access to a free medical teleconsultation service.

Finally, the World Elite card allows you to benefit, like all Fortuneo bank cards, from a extensive protection thanks to insurance and assistance guarantees included. The amounts of support are very high with the World Elite. The bearer is covered, for example, in the event of death or disability during an accident up to 620,000 euros, covered in the event of cancellation, postponement or interruption of the trip (up to 10,000 euros), but also in the event of transport delay (up to 900 euros), or in the event of damage to a rental vehicle (up to 100,000 euros). Foreign civil liability is also included in the package.

Fortuneo account

Bank charges : until €259 savings thanks to our comparator

BforBank and its Visa Infinite card

The very high-end card at BforBank is the Visa Infinite, charged 200 euros per year, a reasonable amount since this type of card costs an average of 311.50 euros per year in other establishments. Only available in deferred debitshe is also accessible subject to income conditions : you must provide proof of at least 4,000 euros per month for an individual account and 6,000 euros per month for a joint account. However, there are no additional costs charged if the credit card is not used. Payments made with the Infinite card are debited on the last working day of the month.

Payment and withdrawal limits are customizable, and initially limited to 3,000 euros per month for payments and 1,000 euros for cash withdrawals over seven consecutive days.

The Visa Infinite also allows benefit from protection via its insurance offer, interesting in everyday life as well as when traveling. It includes in particular compensation of up to 1,500 euros for the cancellation of show tickets, financial support for the care of pets (up to 30 euros per day and for a maximum of 10 days), covered in the event of cancellation, modification, trip interruption (up to 10,000 euros in compensation per insured), 900 euros for a plane or train delay, or even a guarantee for the transmission of periodic medical information to the family for example.

High-end services are also available to the cardholder, such as a privileged access to the Visa Infinite club, allowing access to invitations for cultural events and preferential rates for certain brands in particular. UN Concierge Service is also included.

The BforBank offer

Monabanq does not offer a very high-end card, but an interesting card nonetheless, the Platinum Visa. For an additional 9 euros per month and with no income condition, it includes a “Platinum Assistant”, a sort of concierge service, access to airport lounges in the event of a flight delay of at least two hours, and finally tariff advantages with more than 50 partners.

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