Who is Rhinedottir/Gold in Genshin Impact?

Teyvat’s story in Genshin Impact is shrouded in many mysteries and secrets, with several major events lost in time or spoken of only in whispers. The Cataclysm is one of those events that deeply shook the world, leaving scars on Teyvat and her people that are still felt today.

Although most of what happened during this time is still unknown to the Traveler, the game has slowly revealed more information about a character heavily involved in the events leading up to the Cataclysm: Rhinedottir, the alchemist of genius of Khaenri’ah.

Note: Minor Genshin Impact spoilers for Rhinedottir/Gold followed.


Rhinedottir, also known as Or, was an influential resident of Khaenri’ah before its fall 500 years ago. She was considered a prodigal alchemist and researcher, developing and mastering the Art of Khemia. Gold was integrated by the Abyss to use this unique form of alchemy to create all sorts of living beings that can still be seen in Teyvat, such as the Rifthounds. His most monstrous and terrifying creation, however, was the poisonous and corrupt dragon, Durin.

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Rhinedottir also pioneered the Priomordial Human Project, which aimed to create humans through the use of alchemy. His first creation in this project was known as Primordial Albedo, though Gold deemed it a failure and allowed Durin to swallow it. Unbeknownst to him, Primordial Albedo would survive these events and begin to harbor resentment towards his other creations.

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It was implied in-game that Gold’s creation of these creatures created Celestia’s attention, wreaked divine wrath on the nation of Khaenri’ah for their transgressions. However, Gold survived this event relatively unscathed and continued her work in the Prime Human Project. She was eventually able to see her efforts come to fruition in the form of Albedo, teaching him alchemy and tasking him with learning the truth of the world.

Not much is known about what happened to Gold after parting ways with Albedo, though she’s all but certain to make an appearance in Genshin Impact at some point in the future. As well as being involved in the events of the Cataclysm and creating Albedo, she also seems to know key characters such as Alice and Dainsleif and has ties to the Abyss, meaning the Traveler and Paimon will most likely meet Rhinedottir. in person before his trip. is finished.

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