Who is Éric Larchevêque from Who wants to be my partner?

Engineer and entrepreneur, Éric Larchevêque has co-founded no less than six start-ups in less than fifteen years. He also took on the role of business angel for companies now known to all as Alan, the new generation insurance. Currently, he is the headliner of Who wants to be my partner?, a program presented by Julien Courbet on M6.

The career of Éric Larchevêque, member of the jury of Who wants to be my partner?

Éric Larchevêque grew up in the Cher department. Her father is a porcelain maker and her mother, Annie Dolbeau, is known for her activity as a dancer and actress.

In 1996, Éric Larchevêque graduated from ESIEE, a Parisian engineering school, with an MSc in Electronic and Computer Science, specializing in the design of information processing architectures. He immediately created his first company: France Cybermedia. He quickly followed with the creation of Groupe Montorgueil SAS, before founding, in 2005, Dodo Hotel, a hotel located in Riga in Latvia with a hundred rooms.

Éric Larchevêque tries out a very comprehensive range of activities. After building his own hotel, he created Prixing in 2010, a company specializing in price comparison. It would later evolve into La Maison du Bitcoin, known today as Coinhouse.

Eric Larchevêque, a serial entrepreneur

Éric Larchevêque has launched several companies in France and Europe. We can take the example of Montorgueil, the main French-speaking player in online dating and entertainment, bought out a few years later by Rentabiliweb. He also set up Prixing, a price comparison mobile application, also sold to HighCo in 2013.

Éric Larchevêque is passionate about blockchain. He then asked himself the question, how to combine business with pleasure? He then founded the Maison du Bitcoin in 2014, the first counter for the purchase of decentralized digital currencies in Europe. Until 2017, he was its director. Following this, he appointed a new CEO, Nicolas Louvet, but still remained Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In 2014, he embarked on a new entrepreneurial adventure with Ledger. It quickly became the world leader in security solutions for crypto-assets. In 2021, the startup obtained unicorn status following a fundraising of more than 400 million euros. He was in charge of it from 2015 to mid-2019, before passing the torch to Pascal Gauthier. In early 2020, he participated as a jury / expert in “Who wants to be my partner? on M6, which he will share again this year.

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Eric Larchevêque, business angel

From 2011, the entrepreneur began to invest in a large number of start-ups. Among the best-known start-ups, he has notably accompanied Alan, Stratumn, a company specializing in the digitization of processes, Woleet, a digital notarial service which secures and preserves sensitive data, Spot, an application allowing you to be notified when your friends are nearby or Allow me to build, a site that makes it relatively easy to obtain a building permit.

Éric Larchevêque has never stopped investing in promising start-ups. In 2020, he participated in the fundraising of Constant & Zoé, a company that offers easy-to-put-on clothes for everyone and in particular for people with motor disabilities as part of the program Who wants to be my associate.

The Coinhouse and Ledger era

At the same time, Éric Larchevêque created Coinhouse and Ledger in 2014. The first company, thought up with Thomas France and originally known as “La Maison du Bitcoin”, specializes in the exchange of cryptocurrencies. The particularity of this company is to offer more than a platform, but also physical stores to manage its transactions, named Coinhouse Stores. Coinhouse particularly distinguished itself in 2018, by participating in the very first bitcoin donation campaign of the SAMU Social de la ville de Paris.

With Ledger, Éric Larchevêque remains in the same sector of activity and offers a management portfolio for bitcoins and other crypto-assets, in the form of a full-fledged object larger than a USB key.

Eric Larchevêque’s ambition was to create a giant in the world of cryptocurrencies, with his safe. If the entrepreneur had the ambition to sell only 60,000 copies of his device dedicated to securing cryptos, success is there since he will sell 1 million devices in 2017, the year of the launch!

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Eric Larchevêque on M6

In 2020, he was once again talked about by participating in the program “Who wants to be my partner? “. Presented on M6, by Julien Courbet, he shares the poster with other entrepreneurs and business angels like Marc Simoncini, Catherine Barba, Marc Vanhove, Frédéric Mazzella or even Delphine André.

The pitch of the show is simple: 70 startuppers come to pitch their idea in front of business leaders in the hope of encouraging them to invest in their project. This is the French adaptation of a very popular British show across the Channel: Dragon’s Den or the American show Shark Tank.

The show aims to support young shoots in their quest for entrepreneurship. Project leaders must present their concept to a jury of seven major emblematic figures of the business world. The goal is to convince them to invest in their startup and thus find a partner who will vouch for the success of their business. The latter will bring part of the capital against a percentage of the company to the winners. The latter will therefore be able to benefit from the advice and funding of six experts, themselves creators of successful businesses in France.

The members of the jury will have the freedom to follow the project that appeals to them the most. The only rule to respect is that, if the percentage of the company obtained can be negotiated, the amount invested cannot be less than that initially requested by the project leader.

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