which business model is business travel heading towards? πŸ”‘

For techno travel agencies, the economic model which imposes itself here again is that of subscription.

Thereby, Supertripper, Fairjungle and Okarito have opted for an active traveler subscription.

Concretely what is it? “ Our customers sign for a subscription amount. Each month, we calculate the number of active travellers, that is to say people who have gone on a trip, and we multiply it by the amount of the subscription.explains Maxime Pialat, CEO of Supertripper, which also charges off-line fees for its interventions.

” This is more transparent and less complex. We adopted the Software as a Service (SaaS) model that you find everywhere today, when you buy the database, the software. It’s the norm in the techno world. It represents us well.” he completes.

At Fairjungle, the subscription is also attractive. “One, it has the advantage of adapting to the volume, two we eliminate the costs of file, modification”says Saad Berrada, Co-founder & CEO of Fairjungle.

At OKARITO in addition to the subscription to the active traveler, the business model is also based on a system of commissions from suppliers.

β€œOur customers appreciate the ease of reading of this model, opposed to the two-page price list proposed by TMCssays Brice Huet, the co-founder. Our customers know in advance how much they will pay, they only find out no hidden fees, even after a night or weekend call. We also do not apply any fees for modification or cancellation, everything is included in the subscription.

Another position, Mobee Travel has chosen to operate by subscription based on the company’s overall consumption and not on the active user. Regardless of the volume of trips made, the amount of the fee is fixed.

I don’t believe in the active user model, which is too complex in my opinion. Companies are looking for simplicity to focus on their core business. The global cost subscription is the model of tomorrowΒ»for Lucas Gebhardt, founder and CEO of MobeeTravel.

Another advantage of these 100% digital agencies: they guarantee to be cheaper than traditional agencies.


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