what should be put in it to convince?

Many future entrepreneurs have spent time developing their business plan having imagined the most diverse circumstances. However, the pandemic that has imposed itself is undermining all concerns both nationally and internationally. So it’s time to take it back and question it in order to be able to find new ideas in the same way that entrepreneurs already established are forced to rethink their economic model to perhaps avoid bankruptcy or to better bounce back and open new ones. opportunities.

The business plan is an essential step in business creation from the moment you seek a banker, an investor, an incubator, a partner. You have to show your credentials to be granted the loan, the financing, the place, the contract… so hoped for!

Some try to question it because it is, by definition, already false. Indeed, no one is able to accurately predict sales over the next 3 years, nor to comment on customers likely to react to an offer of products/services, nor even if a management team will be identical in 2 years.

Nevertheless, the business plan is so expected and even required by many players in the start-up ecosystem that it is necessary to comply with the exercise.

The business plan: what structure to adopt?

The content of the business plan is quite structured now and there are many websites that give more or less detailed summaries of an effective business plan.

In summary, the operational plan contains about ten parts, which you can group together as needed according to your specificities:

• the executive summary
• the history of your project
• the products/services offered
• the legal structure of your project
• the management team
• an analysis of the market, your target and the competition
• your goals
• your strategy
• your operational plan
• your foreign finances
• your financing needs

It goes without saying that each part of the business plan is important, each must be worked on in depth and in coherence with the others.
However, depending on the audience for which you intend to target your operational plan, certain parts will have to be highlighted. Below are our recommendations for the most common situations.

How to present your business plan to a banker?

If you present your business plan to a banker, it goes without saying that the financial part will have to be detailed, you will have to present at least the financing plan, the income statement, the balance sheet for the next 3 years as well as a table monthly cash flow for the 1st year without forgetting to indicate your economic break-even point. Don’t forget that you will have to be able to allow the validity of your calculation assumptions. For this, they should preferably rely on quality market research.

How to present your business plan to an investor?

If you present your business plan to an investor, consider that it will not go beyond the executive summary if it is not carried out. Investors receive so many financing requests that they make drastic selections via the operational summary (ed.). If you pass this first barrier, the next obstacle will be the presentation of your team. Investors can agree to finance projects by asking that they believe, even if the reflection is not completely completed, provided that your team “seduces” them. Emphasize your strengths, your complementarities but also your external support (networks, coaches, etc.). Do not hide your weaknesses, investors are in contact with all kinds of professionals, they can direct you to people with the skills you lack.

How to present your business plan to a competition and how to stand out?

If you present your business plan to a competition, it is your idea, your concept that will have to be put forward: its original response to an identified need, its technological innovation, etc. Of course, depending on the very nature of the competition, you will have to adapt your speech. The presentation of the key points of your project will not be the same whether it is a competition focused on ecology or a competition dedicated to job creation.

Presentation of the business plan to a potential member of the project team:
how to convince him?
If you present your business plan to a person you wish to recruit, a future manager who will have to accept some sacrifices (lower salary, less prestigious position, fewer benefits in kind, etc.) to join you, insist on the economic prospects of the project. and the benefits that the candidate will be able to derive from it.

In summary, all aspects of the business plan are important but they are to be adapted, to be highlighted or not, to be developed more or less depending on the person, the audience you are addressing.

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