What is this little-known crypto that has jumped 800% in one week?

More than a month after hitting its low at around $2.20, the price of BOND shot up again last week. We looked to see if the rise in the price of the token was supported by any specific developments.

BOND, #BarnBridge skyrocketed this week from a low of $2.94 to a high of $24.11, marking an increase of over 720% in just seven days. https://t.co/k0YUGc4KKW

In addition to a rise supported by the broader market movement, the protocol had announced that BarnBridge v2 would go live and provide customers with a stable fixed yield.

😎 Find out what’s coming with SMART Yield v2: βœ“ Real fixed yield you can count on. βœ“ Borrow against productive positions. βœ“ No counterparty risk. πŸ”’ βœ“ BarnBridge DAO helps fuel yields (which translates to higher APYs for you). βœ“ Exit at any time on the secondary markets. https://t.co/Egu1IeCjS6

What is BarnBridge Crypto (BOND)?

BarnBridge is a protocol for risk tokenization. Users can use it to protect against price and yield recovery from agricultural yield.

The project was created in 2019 by Troy Murray and Tyler Wardand the launch of the BOND token took place in 2020.

Through tokenization of market fluctuations and risk exposure, the project seeks to increase the flexibility and efficiency of DeFi investments. BarnBridge allows market participants to make investments based on their risk tolerance.

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Based on market fluctuations, including rate of return, pricing, and price predictions, the protocol develops tokenized derivatives. These derivative tokens are divided into risk and reward ranges.

Its solutions include SMART Yield, an interest rate risk hedging tool for DeFi, SMART Exposure, a passive rebalancing tool between any two assets, and SMART Alpha, a performance exposure management tool. actives.

The project is managed by the DAO BarnBridge community.

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