what is the penalty for lack of insurance?

Would you like to buy an electric scooter? Above all, remember to insure it well, in which case you expose yourself to heavy penalties.

Today, electric scooters are enjoying growing success. It must be said that these engines, still marginal years earlier, have many advantages, in particular being very practical for getting around in big cities. Quick and generally easy to transport, they have almost everything good! But be careful, because electric scooters are not completely safe. And for good reason, many accidents take place every year, sometimes fatal. Hence the importance of protecting yourself well, by thinking in particular of taking out an insurance contract, in order to be compensated or to reimburse others in the event of a claim.

Compulsory insurance

Moreover, few know it, but it is mandatory to insure your electric scooter. And for good reason, it has now been considered for a few years by the Highway Code as a land motor vehicle, also known as a VTAM. Concretely, this means that owners have the same duties as those who own an electric bicycle, a car, a motorcycle or even a Segway. This notably involves subscribing to an insurance contract.

But what are the risks of not doing so? In this case, be aware that you will incur a heavy penalty, provided for in article L 324-2 of the Highway Code. The fine can then reach the €3,750 is accompanied by other penalties, such as confiscation of the vehicle.

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