What is Technology? App of the day: Google Keep | What is Technology?

Android users have been using this app forever, but most iPhone users don’t use it or even know about it. It’s Google Keep.

If you use Google Calendar, Chrome, Tasks, and Gmail, Google Keep is the note-taking and reminder app you should know.

Notes you can display as post-it notes on the screen, making it easier to find what you’re looking for, but you can also search for notes by keywords.


Open the app, create a new note and try typing. You can also record an audio clip, use a photo or draw something. Google Keep works on all platforms, so you can create any note on a smartphone and open it on a computer using the Chrome browser. The Google Keep icon and link appear when you open Gmail.

These notes from a team meeting. I can add someone as a collaborator. Save it to Google Docs and share it with them so they can make their own edits.

If you’re using the Google Assistant on a Nest phone or hub… “Hey Google take a note. It creates a note in Google Keep when you ask it to.

Reminders are excellent. Set a date manually or make a shopping list and it can send you as a reminder when you arrive at your supermarket.

If you’re not entirely happy with the note-taking app you’re currently using, take advice from Android users.

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