Wendie Renard, where did the all-risk insurance for the France team go?

The captain and innkeeper of the Bleues, Wendie Renard, made a slow start to the Euro between flashes of genius and clumsiness. The France team will however need a Lyonnaise at the top of her game to hope to go far in the competition.

Will the offensive line fulfill its promises? What boss for the environment in the absence of Amandine Henry? The coach of Les Bleues, Corinne Deacon, having bet on a regenerated group for this Euro 2022, many questions surrounded the French team even before the start of the competition.

One thing seemed certain, however: the indestructible control tower within the central defense and troop leader that is Wendie Renard from the top of her 134 selections and her experience should reassure and supervise this small group.

Except that since the start of the Euro, the one who missed the friendly matches and saw her preparation enamelled by several muscular alerts, marked above all by her feverishness. The Lyonnaise, perhaps achieves her least successful performances since her debut in the France team. It’s awful.

If she regaled with new licked openings (she is notably at the origin of the first but of the Blue against Italy), her long raises found the key several times against Iceland. Little inspired to cut the trajectories, sometimes overwhelmed in the duel or behind her back, Wendie Renard logically scored a 4 from the log The Team for his lackluster performance against Iceland. And if only Selma Bacha and her 6 managed to get out of the game in the back line, we are entitled to expect more from the leader of the Blue.

The penalty shot in two stages against Belgium and not converted is anecdotal, but indicative of a player who we do not know if she is lacking in confidence, or simply short of rhythm. The Lyonnaise could also have been rested against Iceland, but asked to play a third match. Enough to find a second wind against the Netherlands? It is to be hoped.

But is the problem physical? The competition organized between Griedge Mbock and Aïssatou Tounkara, who must support him at the hinge, may have upset certain benchmarks. Moreover, several disagreements with Pauline Peyraud-Magnin, in goal, have spread communication problems that we did not know about her.

One example among others, against Belgium: “ on a Peyraud-Magnin crier of course ‘I have‘ from the stands, but Renard wanted to intervene anyway “, attested to our special correspondent in Rotherham. An avoidable mess, which could have cost the Blues dearly.

Renard, however usually more talkative, speaks very little to guide his teammates, where Griedge Mbock has never ceased to communicate his instructions and to encourage the Tricolores. The recovery of the captaincy in the absence of Amandine Henry is also an element to be taken into account.

It’s hard to imagine that the armband itself is so heavy for the Lyonnaise, on the other hand, in the absence of Henry, Le Sommer and Mbock, who only played one group match, Renard must carry on his shoulders the role of leader and chief barker. A detail that is perhaps not one.

The central defender, often there in the big meetings, will have the opportunity to forget her bad pass against the Netherlands, defending champions, from the quarter-finals on Saturday July 23. ” In these matches, you will have to be effective in both surfaces. We know, you’ve been telling us for years: we stop at quarters, we stop at quarters… she was annoyed in the post-match press conference. Inevitably we will be entitled to it the next few days, but that’s how it is. you don’t have to focus on that. »

And what better way for the French team and Wendie Renard to extricate themselves from the eye of the storm, than to slip into the semi-finals?

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