Web3 is outdated, Jack Dorsey is already thinking about Web5

While many people still struggle to grasp what exactly Web3 stands for, Jack Dorsey decided to take it to the next level. The co-founder of Twitter, at the head of Block, a company specializing in financial services linked to the Blockchain, announced on June 10 his new project: Web5.

What are the goals of Web5?

Further decentralizing the Internet is Jack Dorsey’s ambition with Web5. The new web platform will be based on a single blockchain, that of Bitcoin. It will offer developers the ability to design decentralized applications in a way that puts users at the heart of it. It is the fusion between the social aspect of Web2 where the Internet user participates in the development of applications and the decentralization of Web3 using blockchain technology.

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Powered by TBD54566975, a subsidiary of Block that facilitates the introduction to Bitcoin and blockchain without intermediaries, the Web5 will not use “utility tokens”. These “utility tokens” promise access to future products or services, with their key desk giving the buyer access to a company’s next products. Their absence from the platform is essential according to Mike Brock, head of TBD. It guarantees total autonomy of the Internet and prevents venture capitalists from enriching themselves on future users.

In a presentation slide, TBD presents Web5 as ” a decentralized web platform that allows developers to use decentralized credentials, verifiable credentials, and decentralized web nodes to write decentralized web applications. The goal is to give individuals back ownership and control of their identity and data “.

While it doesn’t really exist yet, Jack Dorsey wants to supplant Web3

Jack Dorsey has repeatedly criticized Web3. He accuses the new and young version of the web of allowing venture capital firms, like a16z, to exploit users using uncertain crypto projects in which they invest. Last December, he tweeted “ no one owns “Web3”. It is owned by venture capitalists and limited partnerships. [Le Web3] will never escape their incitements. It is ultimately a centralized entity with a different label. Find out what you are getting into “. For him, Web3 is already far too centralized.

It is with a view to placing users as the main actors of a decentralized platform that the Web5 was designed. To be determined explained to Coindesk that ” identity and personal data have become the property of third parties. Web5 brings decentralized storage of identity and data to user applications. It allows developers to focus on creating enjoyable experiences while giving people back ownership of their data and identity “.

Ultimately, for Mike Brock, it’s ” above all a discussion around the precise purpose for which the technologies are built “. According to him, the current use of blockchains and block space localization is not the right way to create decentralized applications. ” I think what we’re doing going forward with Web5 – and I admit it’s a significant challenge that has a lot of assumptions about what it means to decentralize the Internet – is actually going back to basics. We already have technologies that decentralize effectively: bittorent and Tor already exist! “.

Jack Dorsey and his company’s subsidiary TBD want to create a truly decentralized Internet platform. This is under development and no one really knows what this new version of the Web will look like. No calendar is currently available.

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