“We were treated like VIPs”: when a couple finds themselves alone on board a 140-seater plane

They had a plane of their own. A couple from Ain had the funny surprise of finding each other alone on board an Air France Airbus A319 bringing them back to Paris, as reported by the daily Progress. An exceptional situation due to the cancellation of their Transavia flight. “Transavia had warned travelers of this change by email, but had forgotten about ten of them, including this couple, who found themselves wandering around the terminal without assistance and without any contact with the airline”, explains the regional press headline.

An exceptional case, confirmed by the company. “Originally, a flight was set up to pick up Transavia customers, whose flight between Paris and Agadir was cancelled. We had to respond in priority to this outbound flight for save their vacationappointed spokesperson for Air France at the Parisian. “If the flight was full on the way out, there were fewer passengers blocked for the return flight”he added. “There was no other solution than to set up special flights”

“Treated like VIPs”

The two passengers were therefore entitled to a tailor-made service. Champagne mealannouncements made orally rather than on the microphone… “We really had the feeling of being privileged, we were treated like VIPs”, rejoiced the passenger with the local newspaper.

Nevertheless, the carbon footprint of this flight don’t smile. According The Parisian which calculated the carbon footprint of the Agadir-Paris flight, it releases 319 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere and consumes 2.62 liters of kerosene per passenger for 100 km. A funny adventure which therefore required 8,960 liters of kerosene.

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