We tested Old But Gold, the musical and taste experience of Mont des Arts!

Is the Old But Gold experience worth the detour? Verdict.

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A cleverly paced summary of references from our youth sprinkled with thematic cocktails to sip with a light heart? It was enough to convince us to go and test the new sensation of Mont des Arts: Old But Gold, a cocktail experience 80-minute immersive experience where 360° projections and high-level spirit accords mingle.

Did this Old But Gold really send gold in our eyes, as its name suggests? Very clearly: yes! And we already advise you to buy your tickets here! With Old But Gold, you will live an experience cartography of the most original, where no less than four musical decades will come to life from floor to ceiling. From the 1970s to the 2000s, relive forty years of pop, rock, cinema, TV and above all extremely kitsch references that will bring back happy memories of your youth or (for the millennials) that will promise you a journey through time that is more iconic and memorable than ever.

We were conquered by Old But Gold. Why not you ? Your tickets here!

Located in the heart of the Mont des Arts, the Immersive Theater of Plein Publiek was the perfect place to host such a pleasant experience. It is accessed through a secret door of the splendid Palais de la Dynastie, hidden in the rue des Sols… We strongly advise you to come with your child’s soul, your good humor and your memories! The experience will be most nostalgic! Once there, a real animator comes to welcome us: he will ensure the whole show from the beginning to the end; we were convinced by his performance! Halfway through the experience, you will even be invited to participate in a real karaoke! Prepare your singing skills and do your vocals!

Your tickets (and your cocktails!) for Old But Gold here

We fell in love with this cocktail and its accessories from the perfect chemist! Can you pass us the recipe?

Each decade, a cocktail will take you on a journey towards the spirituous trends of its time: sour drinks in 1970, colorful and sweet drinks in 1980, fruity drinks at the dawn of the new century… the recipes are varied, delicate and refreshing. Rest assured: there is no question of leaving the place completely drunk! The cocktails are precisely dosed and the taste experience will undoubtedly convince the most demanding mixology experts.

Cult, kitsch, unforgettable: Old But Gold

On the projection side, we were especially struck by the quality of the sound and light staging. The projections are beautiful, dynamic, sharp and progressive; We were promised a most grandiose immersion: we got it! From all sides, from floor to ceiling and even on our tables, there are truly 40 years of memories.
who rocked our eyes for more than an hour. The Bee Gees, Bowie, the Beatles, ABBA reminded us of the golden age of partying: the 70s! After a rediscovery of Jaws and the first Hulk, the disco shone for several minutes throughout the room: we were almost going to take out our bell bottoms and put on our sequined boots! With their references to Star Wars, Mac Gyver and even Inspector Gadget, the 80s seemed to us to be a year apart from ours!

Old But Gold: an immersive and compelling journey through time

The nineties taking place, we were delighted to find all the nostalgia of our childhood, from the Prince of Bel Air to Friends via Titanic and other successes of the time. No bug for the year 2000! The new millennium concluded our experience by giving pride of place to the hits of Alicia Keys, Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and the facial expressions of South Park and SpongeBob SquarePants! As we finish our last cocktail, the magic continues on its way and invites us to relive in images the revolution of the arrival of the Internet… Would we have merged the cult with the future? Be that as it may, Old But Gold left us speechless, and we can’t recommend you enough to go there…

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