we could see more Material You on Custom ROMs

Google is loosening up on its Material You requirements for Android 12 and 13. This should especially help custom ROM developers working on the new design of the operating system.

The Material You interface // Source: Google

With the arrival of Android 12, Google unveiled Material You, new interface design guidelines. A design best known for Monet, the function that allows you to adapt the colors of the system according to the wallpaper chosen. However, in February, we learned that Google was waiting for Material You to present on Android 12 smartphones if they wanted to take advantage of Google Mobile Services. Without this license, no Play Store or Google services, in other words, this has condemned the phone if it is intended for the general public (just look at Huawei). Apparently, this requirement no longer exists and would have simply been removed. In fact, this should help developers work with Material You on custom ROMs more.

No hardware for you, no Google services

The problem is that Google had established a list of models authorized to take advantage of the libraries it provides to application developers. Developers who could not then optimize their applications for their custom ROMs: they could only test their applications on certain smartphones, which Google had validated.

According android font, this whitelist came from a rather logical reasoning. The American media recalls that “The hardware you’ve designed to ensure customization doesn’t interfere with accessibility “. This in the maizeensure that system-generated colors do not become buttons or hard-to-read text“. However, “nothing stops smartphone makers from making bad and stupid changes to android“. In reality, this does not prevent builders from achieving Material You, but does prevent modifying it in a way that affects that accessibility.

The end of this Google requirement

It’s a “reliable source” D’android fontwhich tells the media that “Google dropped its You Material requirement for Android 12’s GMS licenses“. Only specific standards remain for smartphones that actually implement it.

For Android 13 phones and ROMs, this list of allowed models would simply be removed. On this version of the operating system, Google “plan to create a series of automated tests to verify that the hardware you are implementing correctly“. Tests that will not happen on Android 12, since on this version the giant says it is working with manufacturers individually.

However, as the outlet notes, “custom ROMs cannot implement Material You on Android 12 if the manufacturer of the device they are developing the software for has not been approved“. Dropping this requirement from Google is therefore likely to help Android 12 ROM developers work on Material You.

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