Volvo Infotainment Update: Integration With Google Devices, Virtual Assistant And More

Posted on Jan 14, 2022 9:00:00 AM

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Integrating the infotainment system with Google’s smart devices will give owners more flexibility in using vehicle functions.

Volvo is overhauling its in-car infotainment system to include YouTube and improved Google services, including the tech giant’s virtual assistant. The update is the latest step in Volvo’s partnership with Google and applies to all models with an Android-powered infotainment system – typically cars produced from 2020 onwards.

  • Volvo Infotainment will be able to run YouTube when the car is parked
  • Infotainment should be fully integrated with Google Assistant-enabled devices
  • Volvo cars with Android system can be upgraded in the coming months

Volvo infotainment system: what’s new?

Volvo says the integration of intelligent services reinforces its aim of transforming its cars into an “extension of the driver’s living environment”. Google Assistant will allow customers to talk directly to their car and control several functions remotely, including unlocking the car and warming the cabin on winter mornings. Future features will include the ability to schedule charging.

“We are now looking to be the first to fully integrate Google Assistant-enabled devices. This is a natural next step in our partnership with Google,” said Henrik Green, Volvo’s Chief Product Officer. “This integration allows us to significantly improve the customer experience, as it gives customers the ability to easily and securely manage their car at home or on the go, via any personal device with Google Assistant.”

The models will also benefit from YouTube integration, which the firm says will be a useful feature on longer trips, as drivers can watch videos while their car is charging or waiting in a parking lot. The application will only be usable when the car is completely stationary.

“Allowing our customers to watch videos while charging or waiting to pick up their kids from school is part of our promise to make their lives better and more enjoyable,” Green said. “With YouTube and other major streaming services on the way, our customers can enjoy their charging break instead of seeing it as just a hassle, which makes owning an electric car a little easier.”

Drivers will also be able to download a host of other non-Google apps, including Sygic for navigation, Flitsmeister for warning of nearby speed cameras, Chargepoint and Plugshare for EV charging, and SportHero and ParkWhiz for parking.

Volvo owners with an Android system in their car will be able to upgrade in the coming months. Drivers must connect their infotainment system to the Volvo Cars app and a device with Google Assistant installed.

Volvo and India

In recent months, Volvo has pushed for the electrification of its model range with the launch of gas-powered mild hybrid versions of the XC60, S90 and XC90 in India. Incidentally, the updated cars launched in India are already equipped with the new Google-powered infotainment system with the built-in assistant. These cars will therefore be compatible with future updates.

The automaker is also expected to enter the electric vehicle market with the launch of the All-electric XC40 charging In the coming months. The Recharge will be Volvo’s first electric vehicle for the Indian market, with the automaker planning to launch a new electric vehicle every year.

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