“Vogue” launches a professional fashion publication

Posted Jan 28, 2019, 6:00 AMUpdated on Jan 28, 2019 at 3:47 PM

The “Perspective” newsletter of “Vogue” magazine will be transformed into a professional media for the fashion and luxury industries, announces Condé Nast Internationalthe publisher of the prestigious magazine present in 23 countries.

With “Vogue Business”, the name of this new publication, the group, which also publishes “Vanity Fair” and the “New Yorker”, wants to offer a new tool to professional decision-makers in a hurry to have precise information on trends in their industries.

“The idea is not to make a list of small information with for example the names of people who change from one company to another, but to keep on the deep trends that professionals must know to understand their industries. »explains Wolfgang Blau, president of Condé Nast International.

Income diversification

One of the recurring themes, he continues, “will be how technology will change the fashion industry, in particular the products used, the way of working together, the creative processes, etc. ». The idea is also to use a lot of infographic formats. “People aren’t going to sit on a sofa to read us, it’s a professional publication”says Wolfgang Blau.

To diversify its income weakened by an online advertising market conquered by Google and Facebook, Condé Nast needs to find new resources. The group has just merged its international and American entities, the latter being heavily loss-making.

A team of six people under the leadership of Lauren Indvik, former head of “news” and investigations of “Vogue International” and ex-editor-in-chief of “Fashionista”, has been put in place. Further recruitments are planned. Topic coverage should be global.

Federate the community

Wolfgang Blau designed “Vogue Business” as a vehicle to unite the community of professional “Vogue” readers, people who attend its conferences and students passing through its training centers.

Today, “Perspective” has 7,000 subscribers with an email open rate of 60%. “Vogue Business” designated as a newsletter but will also be available on LinkedIn and in excerpts on Instagram. There are no plans to monetize it through advertising but to have a subscription taken out when the medium is mature enough.

“In the past, when Condé Nast launched a product, it had to be perfect, but with digital this is no longer feasible, the product must be evaluated with reader feedback”, explains Wolfgang Blau. For example, the group wants to test the sale of services around this new medium.

In all, the team should rely on the know-how of the editorial teams of “Vogue” (800 people) and all the group’s staff, its consultants, its lawyers… Wolfgang Blau ensures that they will take the time to that…

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