[Vidéo] Uber for Business goes “green” for a sustainable BtoB solution

Launched eight years ago, the Uber business solution known rapid growth with a presence in 60 countries and 170,000 customers worldwide. On the strength of this development, it is now adding another string to its bow by launching Green Uber for business. We want to reconcile economic and ecological through a green solution for our customers »announced Christophe Peymirat, Uber for Business Manager for Europe, at the Autonomy show today.

This new solution is available in France today. Uber Green is currently deployed on 14 French cities with a fleet of 13 000 vehicles in circulation that guarantees service coverage and reliability. Around the world, 100 metropolises are covered. The option is cheaper than UberX, by 3 euro cents per kilometer.


In addition, Uber has developed several tools. Proposed since last summer, the reservation is now available for “Green” to plan a race in advance. ” In exchange for 4 euros in fees, employees of a company can order a ride in advance, have 10 minutes to get into the car once the driver has arrived, and have real peace of mind. “explains the company. To enable its customers to easily measure the carbon emissions generated by their employees’ Uber trips, it is also launching a CO2 tracer through a report that is sent monthly and contains the number of trips made, the number of carbon emissions generated and the average per trip, as well as the percentage of trips made in Uber Green. Finally, the green academy provides companies with incentives to use Uber Green, at work, internal communication tools and educational workshops.

Uber, a player in the energy transition

If the platform does not own the fleet of vehicles in circulation, it still manages the ambitions in terms of ecological transition. Thus, Uber has already announced the end of diesel for 2024 and plans 50% of electric vehicles by 2025. Its objective: to reach 100 % of zero-emission journeys in 2030 on the European continent and in North America.

This transition is supported by the creation ofa fund of 800 millions of dollars globally – 75 million euros for France – to help drivers support this effort. This envelope is fed by a price increase (3 cents on average) of the main Uber services, with the exception of the Green offer, and supplemented equally by the company.

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