VIDEO. Paris: “We do business on the backs of animals”, an association wants to ban pony rides

Amandine Sanvisens and her colleagues were not very numerous this morning of August 5 at the entrance to Parc Monceau, but they were very excited. The co-founder of the PAZ association made their demands heard through a megaphone, i.e. the end of pony rides in Paris. On the strength of a report of around thirty pages on the question, the association denounces the conditions in which the animals must work: little or no access to water, hay, a series of walks without a break (sometimes until ’13 hours of work) bites left in the mouths of horses, several hours spent parked in a truck each day…

“We are asking the mayor of Paris to terminate these agreements, since the operators are not able to respect the commitments they have made” Indeed, a Charter in favor of animal welfare has been established by the mayor of Paris in July 2021, after a first action by PAZ.

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