VIDEO. Health: should you ride a bike despite the pollution in Paris and Île-de-France?

Whether in winter, with wood heating, or in summer, with peaks in ozone pollution, Paris is one of the most polluted European cities, according to a Lancet study which analyzed the quality of air from a hundred cities around the world.

In Île-de-France, it is actually in the metro and in the passenger compartments of vehicles that pollutants are most concentrated. However, cyclists are the users who inhale the most pollutants according to a study carried out by an INSERM team within the Pierre Louis Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health (Sorbonne University), “The reason is simple”, explains Basile Chaix, the research director of the study, “it is that the more you pedal, the faster and harder you breathe. As a result, we inhale more pollutants. »

“Pollution kills”, explains pulmonologist Bruno Housset, “and its inhalation is mainly responsible for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases”. However, the doctor recommends continuing to cycle: “In terms of life expectancy, the benefits produced by physical activity are far greater than the damage caused by pollution. »

Although anti-pollution masks exist, it is recommended to avoid driving during pollution peaks or to drive as much as possible off the main roads, the response should be political. According to Tony Renucci, of the Respire association, “We must completely reduce the place of the car in the city and also encourage users of wood heating to equip themselves better. »

Already sentenced in 2021 to a fine of 10 million euros by the Council of State, France now risks a fine of 100 million euros following a decision by the European Court of Justice if nothing is made to limit air pollution.

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