Vaucluse. Ozone pollution: the prefect takes measures

For industrial installations, examinations of compliance with the requirements of installations classified as environmental protection (ICPE) will be reinforced. (credits: PIXNIO)

Attention. The prefecture announced the placement Tuesday, June 14, 2022 from Vaucluse to information-recommendation level to ozone pollution. This level is triggered when the nitrogen concentration exceeds 180 µg/m3 on an hourly average and presents a risk for sensitive populations (pregnant women, the elderly, people with respiratory illnesses, etc.). At 240 µg/m3, it is the alert level that will be in effect.

This pollutant occurs through the transformation of emissions road traffic and the industrial sector due to the Sun. Irritant, it can penetrate deep into the respiratory system and cause inflammation of the bronchi, dry cough and difficulty breathing. Cardiovascular effects are also observed.

The Carpentras region very affected

On the map of AtmoSud pollutants, we see that the air is of poor quality throughout the department, and really bad quality on the sector Carpentras, Monteux, Pernes-les-Fontaines

Pour them vulnerable populations (pregnant women, young children, people over 65, people with asthma, etc.), it is advisable to output limiter during the afternoon and outdoor sports activities. In case of symptoms or concern, you can seek advice from your pharmacist or doctor.

Reinforcement of the controls initiated

Thus, for the vehicles, Bertrand Gaume, the prefect of Vaucluse, announced under the controls compliance with regulatory speeds, anti-pollution checks, verification of compulsory technical checks, unclamping equipment on mopeds. The burning of green waste in the open air is prohibited.

Pour them industrial facilitiesexaminations of compliance with the requirements of installations classified as environmental protection (ICPE) will also be reinforced.

For further information on:
• the evolution of the pollution peak:
• health and behavioral recommendations:

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