US Senate Candidate Says Bitcoin Can Stop Inflation

Bryan Solstin, a candidate for the United States Senate, recently hinted that bitcoin (BTC) could help stop inflation. It must be said that Bryan is a defender of BTC. He had stated that he would have authorized this cryptocurrency, a legal tender in the United States.

Bryan Solstin absolutely supports bitcoin (BTC)

On July 23, the Bitcoin Magazine account posted on Twitter according to which Bryan Solstin, aerospace engineer, developer and candidate for the United States Senate, declared that it is possible to eliminate inflation by using bitcoin (BTC). Recall that this same candidate had made it clear in April that he was able to make BTC legal tender throughout the United States.

In fact, for Bryan, the bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market will fade. At that point, Bitcoin technology will have won. Furthermore, Bryan Solstin had stated:I don’t think bitcoin is hurting the US or the US dollar. What Really Hurts The US Dollar Is The Fed Printing Billions Of Dollars“. He had explained that the internet has brought greater speed of communication to the world, and now bitcoin is doing the same with value.

Bryan Solstin nevertheless admitted that he would be more difficult to make BTC an official currency in the United States than in El Salvador. Remember that the latter is the first country in the world to have made bitcoin (BTC) a legal cryptocurrency. Currently, according to rumors, new countries are preparing to adopt bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender.

You should know that a lot of American politicians are defending bitcoin (BTC) in one way or another, and Bryan Solstin is one of them. The latter had explained in April that as a “senator, I would have enormous influence to create a law that could damage” the total adoption of BTC in the United States.

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