Uncontrolled deforestation continues to worsen in Colombia

In 2021, 174,103 hectares of forest have disappeared in Colombia. Or the equivalent of the area of ​​a large metropolis like Bogotá, mainly in the Amazon. A sad record, up 1.5% compared to 2020, yet announced by the outgoing government of Ivan Duque.

In question: the growth in the demand for the coca plant for the production of cocaine, but above all the exploitation of land by cattle breeders which requires the creation of roads and other infrastructures in the heart of the Amazon, and which has exploded since the signing of the peace agreement with the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) in 2016.

Car, as explained in the review Cambio environmental activist Rodrigo Botero, “The political interpretation which consisted of linking deforestation to a

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