Trip to Cancún: a law student was on the plane


Hugo Petit. Source: Instagram

The law graduate from the University of Ottawa, Hugo Small, also participated in the controversial journey of “influencers” and participants of reality TV.

Two videos and photos sent to Droit-inc show him on board the Sunwing flight. The pictures show him celebrating.

The atmosphere is festive, with the air of rock concerts, since we see Mr. Petit hold Karl Sabourin, a former participant of Occupation Double, during a slam (crowdsurf Where body surfing, if you prefer). Note that the video only lasts about ten seconds. It is possible to see the graduate, dressed in a gray sweater, to the right of it.

Hugo Petit is not the first person exposed. Droit-inc reported last Friday the story of a graduate of the Bar School, seen in Tulum south of Cancún.

A photo taken from the Instagram account of Pascal-Hugo Martel, real estate broker, confirms the presence of Mr. Petit in Mexico.


James William Awad, the organizer of the event, has purchased six residences and land for the sum of $6.3 million in Bois-des-Filion over the past two years, reports The Journal of Montreal. He would have bought in all for 17.5 million in real estate since 2018, according to The Press.

The one who seems to want to build a small estate has erected some statues, but he assures that they are not in his effigy. In front of one of them, a plaque indicated that “any intrusion (on its land, editor’s note) can lead to sudden death. »

James William Awad would have denied the existence of such a plaque at the Newspaper, before changing his mind and saying it was a joke.

Mr. Awad used to be called Kevin Awad. He changed his name on July 30, 2019, after obtaining a warning and a fine from the AMF in 2015 for the illegal exercise of the activity of securities broker.

Source: Julie Snyder/Facebook

Many questions, no answers

How did he get a seat on the Sunwing flight? Why did he want to go on this trip? Does he have any regrets? Has he returned home?

So many questions that remain unanswered for the moment. Mr. Petit did not respond to our interview requests.

Source: Instagram


Source: Instagram

To date, some trip participants have taken to their social media platforms to apologize.

This is the case of the model Rachel Canteen, who sent his “deepest apologies” to people who were “shocked” by his participation in a trip during the pandemic.

This is also the case of the future pilot Vanessa Sicotte, who offered a “sincere apology” to those who were disappointed by the “situation”.

These excuses, relayed by pages like Shovel OD and Drama Qc, seem to leave several Internet users incredulous, who denounce less the principle of traveling abroad than the behavior of travelers in Tulum.

Hugo Petit began his legal training at the University of Ottawa in 2020.

Rachel Cantin and Vanessa Sicotte also denounce the intimidation and harassment of which they are victims on social networks.


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