travel insurance that breaks the codes of traditional formulas

The trip inspires discovery, change of scenery, adventure, but it can sometimes be faced with unforeseen events that tarnish the stay. Leave protected, reassured with a contract specific to its needs, but also to the constraints of the country, Yupwego campaigns for a different travel insurance that adapts to its traveler.

Going on a trip: received ideas about our protection

When planning a trip, the question of insurance is often the last to arise. We are so focused on our itinerary, the contents of our suitcase and the projection of the perfect vacation, that our protection is often put aside. Beyond not thinking about it or not wanting to take care of it, a large majority of travelers think that their health insurance, their mutual insurance company or their Premium bank card are more than enough. And this is precisely where the shoe pinches.

Among the received ideas inherent to travel, that of protection by our bank card reigns on the top of the podium. Because if it secures its owner in France, it is quite different in the rest of the world. You should know that each country has its own rules, its own health tariffs. In the event of a problem or accident in a foreign country, the bank card reimburses up to a certain amount, rarely enough to cover all the costs. Costs that will also have to be advanced before being reimbursed after long months of waiting. Yupwego was born from this observation with an ambition, that of effectively protecting travelers with a contract adapted to their journey.

Smiles around the world Smiles around the world

Insurance created by travelers for travelers

Yupwego is above all a team of seasoned travelers aware of travel issues. All have traveled the world, encountered more or less severe problems abroad. All are united around the same passion for travel and the same protective and humanistic vision of insurance, deeply rooted in Yupwego’s DNA. That’s why they decided to create their own insurance model, the one they’ve always missed.

In wanting to reinvent travel insurance, Yupwego has chosen to listen to the needs of those who will use it. Responding to real concerns, responding to concrete issues, the offer was co-constructed with a community of travelers with 11,000 members. By allowing a proximity between the team and its community, Yupwego adapts its contracts to travelers, and not the other way around. With ever-changing needs, the insurance contracts designed by Yupwego are evolving in the same direction. Security needs are always listened to, analyzed to refine the offer

A simple, flexible and tailor-made offer

Reflecting its commitment, Yupwego aspires to offer complete and easy-to-understand contracts. The subscription opens online, in a few minutes. Unlike a traditional insurer, Yupwego wants to be closer to travelers by adapting the formula to its itinerary. Personalized and geolocated, the offer is built according to the number of days on site, the country or countries visited and adjusts in the event of a flight delay or extension of stay. If an accident occurs and you are hospitalized, no costs are to be advanced, the insurance takes care of everything. The contract can be terminated at any time, just as it can extend over several months or years with a view to a world tour.

This flexibility, Yupwego makes it its strength, its differentiation. Travelers can leave with peace of mind. With a traditional insurer, it is not uncommon to encounter reimbursement difficulties; the latter often tends to divert the questioned claim by seeking all the reasons which prevent it from reimbursing the insured. Yupwego does not focus on the problem, it focuses on the human, the person it really wants to protect by offering really useful insurance when you need it. With a unique, transparent, easy-to-access and resolutely flexible product, this digital travel insurance allows you to leave with peace of mind to enjoy your trip. Building on its success, Yupwego has raised funds to open up more internationally in 2022. Become a key player in travel, allow travelers to no longer worry about their insurance, leave protected, Yupwego register in this ambition.


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