Tiananmen Statue in Hong Kong: International Law Firm Stops Representing HKU

LInternational law firm Mayer Brown will no longer represent the University of Hong Kong (HKU), which is demanding the removal from its campus of a sculpture commemorating protesters killed in China’s Tiananmen Square crackdown in 1989, according to a cabinet statement quoted by the Washington Post.

Mayer Brown has come under heavy criticism in recent days in the United States, being blamed for helping local authorities quell all dissent in the financial hub.

The eight-meter-tall copper statue by Danish sculptor Jens Galshiot depicts 50 anguished faces and tortured bodies piled on top of each other and has been on display on the campus of HKU, Hong Kong’s oldest university, since 1997.

“Going forward, Mayer Brown will no longer represent his longtime client in this matter. We have no further comment,” the firm said in a statement Friday, according to the Washington Post.

The firm, founded in Chicago, has worked on civil rights issues in the United States but has come under fire from accepted criticism from human rights groups and US parliamentarians for agreeing to assist HKU in this request.

“It is even worse that American law firms are selling out to the Communist Party to erase the memory of the brave young Chinese students who gave their lives for freedom in Tiananmen Square,” Republican Senator Lindsey said. Graham to the Substack platform’s Common Sense newsletter.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz also condemned Mayer Brown, saying that “American cabinets would be ashamed to be complicit” in this request for withdrawal.

In response to the law firm’s decision, Mr. Galshiot revealed that it would become nearly impossible for motivated law firms to represent and assist Chinese and Hong Kong authorities in suppressing free speech “without tarnishing “. their reputation and image.

The controversy was sparked by a letter written by Mayer Brown on behalf of HKU to the Hong Kong Alliance, an organization that voted to dissolve in late September and had held annual vigils in Hong Kong for three decades in memory of the victims of Tiananmen Square, to remove the sculpture before last Wednesday.

This deadline has expired and the work is still in place. Mr. Galshiot told AFP that he had hired a Hong Kong lawyer and asked the university to organize a meeting on the fate of the statue.

16/10/2021 10:10:40 – Hong Kong (AFP) – © 2021 AFP

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