This motorist skipped his fine thanks to Google Maps!

A motorist was fined over €100 for inconvenient parking. He managed to cancel it thanks to his Google Maps GPS application!

In the UK, a 21-year-old motorist found the ultimate and, to say the least, unusual trick for contesting an unjustified parking ticket. In any case, this is what the newspaper from across the Channel reports Mirror. While he was quiet, this young Brit received a fine of 100 pounds (about 117 euros) for parking more than 3 hours in a parking lot. Or, he is formally, never that day he stayed so long in this parking lot. He didn’t even use his car!

Two photos little made to justify his PV

The amendment he received was accompanied by two photos. One showed his vehicle returning to the main lane when exiting the parking lot. The other giving way at a junction. Even if the day indicated was not the correct one in the minutes, for him, he never stayed 3 hours parked when he passedbut borrowed the way of conduct. A matter of a few minutes. And as proof, this motorist had a major argument!

He used his Google Maps location history to justify himself

Thanks to the app Google Maps which he uses as a GPS, the young man was able trace your location history and confirm what he had already guessed. There are an error in the contravention.

He then sent the history to the company that had translated the mail for him and the fine could rightly be interrupted.

How to activate or deactivate your Google Maps history?

When Location History is turned on, Google save your location data and the places you have visited in your account. He works even when you’re not using Google Maps. To activate or suspend location history, here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Select on your profile picture or your initial then Your journeys Your journeys.
  3. Tap More More then Settings and privacy.
  4. Press on Disabled position history we History of activated positions.
  5. Enable or disable the “Location History” option.

To find the Mirror article, it’s right here. (in English)

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