This crypto YouTuber disappeared with 3 million euros stolen from his subscribers

An influencer has just made the trunk with 3 million euros in his pocket. He even had the nerve to explain his maneuver to the victims.

The world of cryptos is unknown to the general public, and some people think they can do business easily, in this universe in full upheaval. It is not surprising to see, in this misunderstood milieu, malicious people using the credulity of an audience to make a profit.

This is the case of the crypto-influencer “Crypto Gouv”. The latter, who has his own YouTube channel to promote himself, very quickly managed to welcome a small number of subscribers to his videos. Strengthened by the group effect, these people began to invest in his “business” while the YouTuber promised good returns on investment, all in record time.

A scam at 3 or 4 million euros

While this announcement has undoubtedly alerted a large number of people, others have fallen into the trap and invested in the “Crypto Gouv” brand, initially with good reason. Indeed in the first months of this case, the Ponzi pyramid set up is still standing.

The money of the new arrivals makes it possible to finance the annuities of the others, and the criminal can on his side reap a maximum of profits as quickly as possible. But on July 29, surely sensing that the tide was turning, Crypto Gov posted one last video on its YouTube channel.

In the most arrogant tone, he explains to his subscribers how he fooled them. In the video he reveals the extent of the scam, arguing that he fled with “the jackpot”. In total, between 3 and 4 million euros have disappeared into thin air.

An Upcoming Lawsuit Against Crypto Gov

If obviously the victims have not remained idle, the case promises to be complicated and long. Indeed, the YouTuber had premeditated his move from the start and seems to have calculated each of his moves. According to the main lawyer for the victims, who came together to file a complaint, this kind of behavior is unfortunately far from isolated in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Many neophytes are interested in this universe whose workings they think they understand, but there are always smarter people than them, and in the case of Crypto Gouv, the initial intentions were clearly bad. During his own video, the scammer himself recalls that his practice, obviously illegal, makes him encourage a prison sentence of several years. Although he feels protected, the YouTuber is now wanted and persona non scratched in France.

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