They set up a business that makes sense: Monasphere

To undertake is to set oneself in motion, dream up a project and do everything possible to make it happen. To economic viability, some have decided to add an extra soul. Each week Aleteia invites you to discover an entrepreneurial project that makes business rhyme with meaning. Today, Monasphere, which is launching in a few days the marketing of its first “real estate” project, the Clos Saint-Gabriel.


Monasphere wants to allow Christians who aspire to leave city life to do so by settling near places with a strong spiritual dimension. Like a real estate developer, Monasphere targets households, families with children or young couples, who wish to settle near a sanctuary, an abbey or even a religious community. How? ‘Or’ What ? The company buys building land or existing buildings that can be divided into truly independent properties and carries out the necessary work. Monasphere is actually aimed at a niche but fits perfectly into the spirit of the times: “At the base of Monasphere there is this shared observation, many inhabitants of large cities work like crazy for a quality of life mediocre”, explains to Aleteia Damien Thomas, one of the co-founders. “To this we add a spiritual dimension, the desire to get closer to Christian spiritual places, true witnesses of stability and continuity”.

Charles Wattebled and Damien Thomas, the two founders of Monasphere.


2The calendar

Officially launched on 1is March 2021 by Charles Wattebled and Damien Thomas, Monasphere officially starts the marketing of its first project, the Clos Saint-Gabriel, near the sanctuary of Île-Bouchard (Indre-et-Loire) this Monday, January 17. 17 houses from 84 m2 to 180 m2, suitable for all family configurations and equipped with a private garden are available. “Today in mid-January 2,500 families are interested in our approach,” says Damien Thomas. For the Clos Saint-Gabriel alone, 150 families have already come forward directly. And seven projects of the same magnitude are in the pipeline.


On the “business” side, Monasphere works with all church stakeholders, namely churches, abbeys, monasteries, priestly fraternities, new communities and sanctuaries. On the “consumer” side, it mainly targets families who live in large cities and who are looking for a peaceful and spiritual setting. It is also aimed at small businesses and associations wishing to set up their premises near a spiritual place.

Clos Saint Michel.



Mayenne, Var, Cotignac, Hérault, Indre… Monasphere aims to develop projects throughout France. In a few months about forty spiritual places appeared and many others were identified. “We aim to be present everywhere in France as soon as each of the projects is rooted in its regionality”, resumes Damien Thomas.

5Our opinion

Many French people have experienced during previous confinements the importance of having a pleasant living environment, conducive to self-development and tranquility. Monasphere is therefore fully in tune with the times and meets the concerns of more than 60% of city dwellers looking for a new living space. Monasphere will nevertheless have to face a major obstacle: time. From the financing of the real estate project to its actual exit from the ground, it can take up to two years.

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