The traffic situation will soon be visible directly from the phone’s home screen

In case you haven’t noticed, Google Maps is doing everything to become the essential tool for your car journeys. To do this, the GPS application must improve and offer new options, reports Phonandroid.

In a press release published on Wednesday, Google announced the future functionality that would arrive on our smartphones “in the coming weeks”. The Google Maps app will soon offer a Widget allowing you to see the traffic around you in real time, directly on your phone’s home screen.

The Widget, a fashionable format at Google

The Widget will thus provide information on the density of traffic around you without having to open the application. It will also be possible to zoom in before inspecting a particular location. A welcome new feature, as the Widgets available for Google Maps are currently quite limited for drivers.

For some time, Google has been putting a lot of emphasis on Widgets, which are very popular with users for their clarity, ease of use and the time they save. The American firm recently indicated that 35 of its applications would soon be available in this form.

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