the town hall and the police headquarters targeted by a legal action

Three associations and twenty citizens announced on Tuesday the filing of an appeal against the town hall of Paris and the police headquarters. They call for the anti-pollution control application aimed at scooters and motorcycles.

The pollution of motorcycles and scooters in the sights of three associations and around twenty citizens in Paris. A contentious appeal was filed on Tuesday against the town hall of Paris and the police headquarters. The goal: to request the application of controls “verbalization and sanction on motorized two-wheelers”, explains the Respire association in a press release, one of the organizations at the origin of the appeal with Ras the scoot and Paris without automobile.

“Atmospheric and noise” pollution

This request is based on the Highway Code (article R318-1) which provides that “motor vehicles must not emit smoke, toxic, corrosive or odorous gases”.

“The verbalization and sanction controls on motorized two-wheelers are not implemented today, even though they are a source of significant air and noise pollution”, denounces the Respire association.

According to the press release from Respire, the town hall of Paris and the prefecture “trench themselves behind the absence of any technical tool available” to explain the absence of checks and verbalizations on the pollutants emitted by motorcycles and scooters.

Paris must be “exemplary”

But with the approach of the 2024 Olympic Games and with the development of the Low Emission Zone in Greater Paris, the associations are asking the city to be “exemplary and pioneering”.

According to a decision of the Paris Administrative Court of Appeal in 2021, cited by the associations, “two-wheelers represent 3% of mobility and 25% of emissions of volatile organic compounds” in the capital.

This contentious appeal follows a previous appeal, this time only free of charge, translated in February 2022 to request the application of the same article of the Highway Code.

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