The smart business platform from Microsoft Power-Bi

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence platform for non-technical business users. It offers tools for aggregation, analysis, visualization and data sharing. Powerful features are easy to learn with an Excel-like intuitive user interface. Its deep integration with other Microsoft products makes it a very versatile self-service tool.

Versions adapted to uses and budgets

Power BI exists in a free version for VSEs/SMEs/SMIs, and two professional versions, Power BI Pro (per user) and Premium (per user or capacity), are available as a monthly subscription. Windows 10 supports Power BI Desktop and there are native mobile apps for Windows, Android, and iOS. Power BI Report Server is the version for companies that need to keep their data and reports in-house.

A platform dedicated to several types of users

Power BI is a self-service business intelligence tool that puts data analysis within reach of all employees. It is mostly used by data analysts and business intelligence professionals. They can create data models there and distribute their reports throughout the company. However, those without an analytical background can also take advantage of Power BI’s powerful features.

The platform is used by both representatives of corporate departments and management. Reports and companies accompany the sales and marketing sectors. They also provide data to management on how an area or employees are progressing towards their goals. Power BI offers a comprehensive admin portal to help set it up, implement it, and track license usage.

Extract, transform and create simulation models with Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is used to find information in an organization’s data warehouses. The platform helps connect disparate data sets, transform and clean them. They are then grouped in a data model. The next step is to create charts and graphs that provide quantified visual information. These dashboards can be shared with other users. They allow information to be put into context. It is possible to carry out a data storytelling for simulation needs (what-if or Q&A) for example.

Measure business performance

Reports can answer questions in real time and help keep track. For example, it is possible to ensure that the different business areas correspond to the parameters of the company. The business intelligence platform can also provide executive dashboards for administrators or managers. They provide top management with an accurate overview of the situation of all departments in the organization.

Very comprehensive features

Microsoft has been adding data analytics features to Power BI since its inception, here are some of the most important:

  • Hybrid deployments: Connectors allow Power BI tools to connect to data sources from Microsoft, Salesforce, and other vendors.
  • Quick Insights: Users create subsets of data and automatically apply predefined analytics to that insight.
  • Power Query: Business analysts ingest, transform, embed, and enrich their data in the Power BI web service. They can then be shared between several models, reports and dashboards.
  • Cortana: On mobile devices, users verbally query the platform in natural language to access results.
  • Customization: Developers can change the appearance of visualization and reporting tools and import new tools into the platform. They can also use the API to embed the dashboard in other software.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Users access image recognition and text analysis. They create machine learning models that can integrate with Azure Machine Learning.

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