The Shiba Inu metaverse will immerse you in a unique virtual reality

ShibaSwap lead developer Shytoshi Kusama announced last week that “SHIB: The Metaverse“would be led by the Hollywood studio”The third floor“. This premier studio will visualize, design and build Shiba Inu metaverses and immerse users in a unique virtual reality. Each metaverse layer contains stunning visuals that will showcase innovation and each segment will be richly immersive, The Third Floor blog post reads.

During a recent discussion on SHIB’s Discord, a member of Shiba Growth asked Shytoshi what the metaverse applied to. Shytoshi wasted no time and quickly replied that SHIB: The Metaverse will be completely unreal. He replied in all caps: “ unreal”. That’s how it’s gonna be“.

Another user asked when they can expect a metaverse preview, to which Shytoshi replied, “soon“.

However, Shytoshi did not reveal in detail the aspect “unreal” of the next metaverse and left it at that. If we rely on the fact that the studios The third floor have worked with Marvel and Disney, there might be some truth in Shytoshi’s words depending on why the metaverse would really be”unreal“.

Dane Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, The third floor explains his vision of this future metaverse:

Every day, we are thrilled to work with the teams behind some of the most memorable and ambitious feature film, television and game projects. The Metaverse offers new opportunities for everyone to develop and participate in the construction of the world and the visual universe and we are delighted to work with the Shiba Inu teams who are innovating in this expanding landscape. The ShibArmy’s vision of an engaging, art-driven online world is inspiring. Thanks to our artists’ commitment to excellence and several forward links in digital production, we can now visualize the scope and scale of a digital world in a way that truly goes of the promise of endless mixed reality possibilities and experiences.

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