The Sandbox under attack: Instagram, a new favorite target for crypto thieves?

rebel – Times are tough in terms of cybersecurity for crypto projects. The week is particularly hectic, every day a new hack is updated. After Nomad, Reaper Farm and Solana, here is The Sandbox also victim of a targeted attack. This time fortunately, user funds are not directly impacted or threatened.

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Piracy is never over

Via Twitter, The Sandbox said late morning that his Instagram account was potentially hacked. The whole team therefore urged the utmost caution regarding any interaction with the official account.

Indeed, once hackers have taken control of such an account, they can use its network effect to launch massive phishing campaigns. This technique was used against the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, already on Instagram at the time.

The official account The Sandbox formalizes the attack. Source

The attack being proven, the protocol reacted quickly and succeeded in deactivating the account, so that it does not harm any user. However, all the elements of the attack and its exact impact are not yet public.

It is of course necessary to remain vigilant as to each clickable link and the source from which it comes, all the more so if it has a link with The Sandbox (or with the NFTs as a whole). find here four essential actions to optimize your digital hygiene and easily protect you from certain disappointments.

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