The rock on yon. Pollution of the Yon: bans lifted. sport

Pollution occurred on the night of June 6 to 7, in Yon, at La Roche-sur-Yon. Wastewater had flowed from the Moulin Grimaud wastewater treatment plant, causing high fish mortality. The Vendée prefecture announces that physico-chemical measurements have been carried out by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) to assess the impact on natural environments. “The measurements recorded daily at various points reflect an improvement in the situation. The bacteriological analyzes carried out by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) on the Yon and the Lay comply with the threshold values ​​for water sports. »

Fishing activities allowed again

Nautical activities, fishing, sports and the watering of animals are again authorized by prefectural decree of June 17. “The prohibitions linked to the other regulations in force, and in particular the bathing bans, remain applicable. »

In a press release published on Friday June 10, the Vendée prefecture announced that “to avoid any new accidental pollution, the prefect has given formal notice to the contracting authority”.


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