the Prefecture asks the opinion of the inhabitants to fight against air pollution

The ban on polluting cars in town, the end of chimney fires, the encouragement of a greener industry, raising awareness of polluting products… These are the kinds of subjects on the menu of the new Atmosphere protection plan (PPA) for the “Grenoble Alpes Dauphiné” territory. This document is a roadmapthe basis on which the Prefecture will rely for to take decisions in recent years to combat air pollution. Santé Publique France estimates that in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes each year, 4,300 deaths are linked to fine particle pollution, 1 in 10 deaths in urban areas such as Grenoble and its surroundings.

“It’s about improving the quality of the air we breathe”

Before finalizing, the prefecture of Isère presents it to the population to unclog their opinion. If this public inquiry procedure is mandatory, the prefect of Isère Laurent Prévost hopes that the citizens concerned will take up the file: “It is about improving the quality of the air we breathe, with all the public health issues we know about. It contains measures that could result in _road traffic regulations, heating methods_, something really big. So I invite as many of our fellow citizens as possible to go to the prefecture’s website, to read this document and to contribute to the final development of this plan by giving their opinion“. The idea for the prefecture and that citizens do not discover the plan when it is validated final, and that as many people as possible could participate.

What opinion are we talking about? The plan already provides for measures taken at national or European level, such as the ban open-hearth wood heating, i.e. chimney fires. The PPA will make it possible to specify from when and in what area, and it is there that the opinion of the citizens if it is massive enough, must make it possible to modify this plan by the commission of inquiry which is also looking into it this summer. This map is the third of its kind for this territory, after a first in 2006, focused on industry and a second in 2014 which added transport issues in particular. The third still wants bigger and more ambitious according to the prefecture, with new aspects such as communication, to alert for example on the impact of solvent paints and the dangers of their use. Out of 32 actions taken, only 2 are of the order of prohibition, specifies the prefecture.

300 municipalities concerned in Isère

Already in the spring of 2021, a citizen consultation had been set up, for 140 opinions according to the prefecture. This 3rd plan concerns a sector which covers 297 towns in Isèrein the communities of municipalities or agglomerations of Grésivaudan, Pays Voironnais, Bièvre Est, Bièvre Isère, Saint Marcellin Vercors Isère, Trièves and Vals du Dauphiné, and of course the metropolis of Grenoble.

To consult the file and give its opinion, many solutions : near DREAL of Grenoble (boulevard Joseph Vallier), and in 29 town halls in the territory concerned for the paper version, but also on the site of the Digital Register. The inhabitants of the sectors concerned have until July 29 to give their opinion. At the same time, the prefecture of Lyon launched the same procedure to another PPP targeting the Lyon area. A PPA which also covers the agglomeration community of Gates of Isère, (La-Tour-du-Pin), of Vienna-Condrieu and from Between Bièvre-et-Rhôneagain with July 29 as the deadline.

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