The payment card that makes you travel!

Do you love to travel and are always looking for good plans to escape to the other side of the world or for a short getaway near your home? What if we told you that we found a good crazy plan to travel (almost) for free.

Imagine that each daily payment (restaurants, lessons, petrol, etc.) allows you to accumulate Miles*, and therefore money, to finance your travels? Too good to be true you say? Well, we invite you to read the rest of our article. πŸ˜‰

The AIR FRANCE KLM – AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD card: what’s the deal?

First good news, the AIR FRANCE KLM card – AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD is directly linked to your current account. No need therefore to open a new bank account, it is simply an additional means of payment. Like any bank card, it allows you to pay for all your daily purchases (restaurants, courses, petrol, hotels, plane tickets, etc.).

On the other hand, unlike your traditional card, which is generally an immediate debit card, the AIR FRANCE KLM – AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD Card is a deferred debit card*, that is to say that your expenses are debited from your account only at the end of the month, or even on the 15th of the following month. This condition may probably dismiss at first sight but actually offers great flexibility in managing your budget. You have to face an unexpected expense but do not have the necessary funds before receiving your salary at the end of the month? With the AIR FRANCE KLM – AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD Card, you can pay for this expense, which will therefore not be debited immediately!

To become a holder of this card, you must have a gross annual income of €35,000, be over 18 years old, have a bank account in euros domiciled in a bank in France and be a member of the loyalty program Flying Blue from AIR FRANCE. Your income is below the minimum required? Don’t worry, American Express also offers a Silver card, which also offers many benefits to those with a minimum annual gross income of €20,000.

Finally, and above all (we come to the most interesting part), the AIR FRANCE KLM – AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD Card is associated with AIR FRANCE’s Flying Blue loyalty program and allows you, with each payment made with it, to accumulate Miles* (or loyalty points) normally awarded for the purchase of plane tickets only. A chance to be able to accumulate through your daily purchases. These Miles allow you to take advantage of numerous advantages at AIR FRANCE, KLM and Transavia*. Isn’t it wonderful? We’ll tell you more later. πŸ˜‰

Good to know : be careful though, although the AIR FRANCE KLM – AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD Card allows you to pay for your purchases in many supermarkets (Carrefour, Casino, Leclerc, Auchan), in most clothing and sports shops, on e – commerce, to buy plane or train tickets or even to book a rental car… On the other hand, some merchants may not accept it, both in France and abroad. Remember to keep a backup bank card with you if this type of unforeseen event occurs.

Why adopt it?

Just because :

You earn Miles with every purchase

For €10 spent at AIR FRANCE, KLM, Transavia and Hertz, you collect 15 Miles and for €10 spent at any retailer you collect 10 Miles. Knowing that Miles can be converted into plane tickets… We’ll let you think about that! πŸ˜‰

You benefit from advantages of DINGUE for your next trips and not only!

By opting for the AIR FRANCE – AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD Card, you benefit, when you register, from:

  • 6,000 Miles offered: a one-way ticket Paris-Rome in economy class*
  • €150 refunded from €150 spent at AIR FRANCE or KLM*. Just that !
  • €50 offered as a voucher, to be used on the AIR FRANCE website*
  • The possibility of paying in 3 installments free of charge on AIR FRANCE, KLM and Transavia*
  • 30 XP offered each year*

XP are points that give access to the different statuses of the Flying Blue program. There are 4: Explorer, Silver, Gold and Platinum. These points offer advantages such as: reductions on the price of plane tickets, upgrades, access to airport lounges, etc.

Did you feel that sweet smell of vacation? πŸ˜‰

Finally, concert and show lovers, American Express in association with Live Nation and Ticketmaster, offers you the possibility of benefiting from exclusive presales throughout France throughout the year.

It includes optimal insurance and assistance and 24/7 customer service

Health problem, lost suitcase or even car accident on the other side of the world, there can be many problems before or during your trip… And because no one is immune to small or large unforeseen events, the AIR Card FRANCE KLM – AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD includes:

  • Travel Cancellation and Postponement Guarantee*
  • Medical assistance and medical expenses abroad*
  • A Rental Vehicle Guarantee*

The Amex Card also includes a Guarantee Protection for your Purchases* of goods for 90 days.

The only condition for this insurance to work is to have paid for your trip (flight, hotel, car rental, etc.) or other goods with your AIR FRANCE KLM – AMERICAN EXPRESS GOLD Card.

And you can even share it with those around you.

You can benefit from a second free card*, sent directly to your bank account and put it in the name of your spouse, child, sister, brother, dog or cat… (maybe not for the latter two) . The Miles earned through the use of this second card will be added to your own account.

The card is free for 1 year, without commitment

Free the first year and without commitment, then from €15 per month* the second, this advantage allows you to test for free and ask yourself: why didn’t I take it before? πŸ˜‰

So, what do you think ? Don’t wait any longer and let yourself be tempted by the experience!

*See conditions on
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